Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Late Weekend for the books!

Rather than spew off paragraph after paragraph of the insane events and riDONKulousness that took place this past weekend I'm going to do it bullet style:

  • Thursday July 21st - Great Jones County Fair begins with Thompson Square, Chris Young, and Jason Aldean. Amazing downpoured on during Aldean.

  • Nearly in a dozen confrontations between the drunks spilling on us, people trying to push past us to make their way to the front, and Nick being super protective of his baby boy. Not to mention my friend Ashley laying the LAW down to anyone & everyone
  • Friday July 22nd - Great Jones County Fair continues with Josh Kelley and Lady Antebellum. Before concerts, sitting at camp site in heat index of 107 degrees with swollen, disappearing ankles...aka...cankles. Lady A wraps up early as the severe thunderstorm takes over....70 mph winds, pelting sideways rain, trees falling down all as we are making a run for the car.
  • Get back to the campsite where half the pop up camper has been bent in and is not useable. Port-o-johnny is tipped over 30 feet from our camper....rains the ENTIRE night.
  • Sleeping arrangements...Dad, Jen, Nick and I on the one working side of the camper (King Size thank God) with Clint below us on the cushioned bench. Dad sleeps like he is a 7 foot 400 lb man.
  • 2 am - 9 am....anywhere from 5 to 25 minute sleeping one point all 4 people were snoring in the camper but me. Dad and Clints sound like live grizzly bears. Stuffy as an attick and this 24 weeks pregnant sober chick could not "pass out"
  • 3 hour clean up the following morning
  • Saturday after running to Target - run out of gas (if you know me you know this is not a first...Nick was with me and was livid lol)
  • Saturday July 23rd - Braydens 5th birthday party - stayed 10 minuts to drop off present because of the mornings adventures.
  • Leave for Davenport - On the way...some woman doesn't see us and cuts into our lane, we swerve to miss her but at 75 mph in my small vehicle we lose control and do a complete 360 on the interstate. Cars making noises....THANK GOD nobody was behind us. She did pull over and give us her information and was very apologetic. I was driving at the time and nearly had a panick attack..crying hysterically and made Nick drive the rest of the way.
  • Finally get to Davenport where Nicks Mom/My Mother in law is visiting from Lousiana. At last some FRESH AIR. We hadn't seen her since the wedding and I got some good insight from a mother of 4 on pregnancy and labor. Probably the best part of the weekend! Loved visiting with her and of course seeing Jack and Dolly.
SO THERE you have it. Unreal huh!! Here are some more pictures to recap this crazy, outrageous, unforgettable, yet oddly enjoyable weekend. Making memories I tell ya....and just like every year....when tickets go on sale for this fair, no doubt we will be purchasing yet again! Did I mention that last year it flooded and the year before a tornado went through the town? The fair is JINXED!

Ashley and I pre concert

Nick & I at the campsite

Clint and Nick...and their "snacks"

Clint & I

Gearing up for Jason Aldean :)


 ERNST and I

Dad & Nick in the SCORCHING heat

Pops and I

Danny looking very excited for pictures:)

Guys Pic!
Ladies...Jen and the Amanda's
Nick and I ... and the cornfield..definitely Iowa

OH brother....

Clint & D-Scott...right before the MASSIVE storm

Jen, Dad and I

Yogi and

Nick and his Mama....they look alike huh!!?!?

Pregnancy News: Not much to update. The other day I felt icky and dizzy and just blah but I suppose that's normal. Sometimes it's scary since this is my first go around and I just don't know what is and is not "normal". Thankfully I have some people I can run these things by. According to my books and online, he is around 8 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 lbs. He is gaining 6 oz a week and his ears are sharper and loud noises startle him (Yogi barking!). His face is fully formed and I find myself daydreaming about what his little face will look like. Belly button is still making it's way out, I feel little buddy daily, and I cannot believe how quickly this is going. New belly picture in Expanding Belly Section taken at the fair. friend Ashley should have her baby in the next week sometime!! She is 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced!!! So excited for her and Andy:)

Oh and my Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag should be here FRIDAY! :)

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  1. Girl you look so good for how far along you are! And your weekend sounded fun...but exhausting haha!