Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is life really going this fast....or are we in too big of a hurry?

(Ok so I wrote this on Sunday but am just now posting it because I was waiting to add the pictures...I'm posting my 24 week appointment information right after this)

Maybe it's me being closer to 30 then 20....maybe it's the fact that I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that a human life is growing inside of me...or maybe it's that I can vividly remember 5, 10, 15 years ago like they happened yesterday. I've been thinking so much about so many things. Besides what crib to get, maternity leave, what I'm going to do to make sure this little boy becomes the best person he can be.....I've also been thinking about places I've been, people I've met, friendships, love, family....you know the deep stuff. It could be the fact that I have been watching entirely too much TLC and Lifetime. I can't believe how clearly I can remember heading to the senior keg, the noise of the crowd in the final 10 seconds of a tie game, straping the ankle braces on and tightening the laces, decorating my dorm, going on spring break, and thinking that "My LIFE IS OVER" after a fight with a friend, a rumor, and a broken heart. Now that I'm trying to figure out the difference between the front and the back of a diaper, how many times I'm going to have to pump a day, and how to organize my nursery I realize there is one thing that is ALWAYS the same.... I'm always waiting for the next big thing. Graduation, going to College, the Missouri Valley Tournament, my friends big birthday party, date night or a vacation with the boyfriend, the concert, the fair, the wedding, the baby. Then we all complain about how fast time goes. I think if we all enjoyed the here and now..even the days that there is NOTHING going on, maybe it wouldn't seem like it went quite so fast. For example, I hate Mondays. Besdies some good TV, I hate getting up, going to work, and the start of yet another week before the weekend. Next Monday that comes around...I'm going to enjoy every minute of it..even the bad parts.

Ok ... less heavy. Recapping the weekend. Friday I watched my nephew for about 4 hours. Him and his Mama needed a break from each other and I figured him and I needed some nephew/auntie time. Despite being 100% boy, having little to no attention span and facing some of the daily struggles his mother did as well, he is the most loveable little boy in the world. I think he will be a great cousin:) We made macaroni, worked on spelling his name, ran through the sprinkler, went to the park, rented a movie and got snacks, and then piled blankets on the floor and watched Pooh's Grand Adventure. He was so good and he kept rubbing and talking to my belly which is just priceless. Here are some pictures of Auntie and Brayden's Grand Adventure:

He didn't have swim trunks...HAHA

GREAT sprinkler form

Getting so big.....ALMOST 5

The slides were boring to him

This is pushing it...had me at 5'10

Pooh's Grand Adventure and Snacks...great night
Saturday Nick and I got up and went to get him a new license (his wallet was stolen a few weeks ago:(). Gosh that place is a hot mess. Besides some incredible people watching...like "People of Walmart" status, it takes forever to get anything accomplished there! After FINALLY getting that taken care of we went to the Farmers Market for the last 30 minutes of it. Nick had never been and he said he was blown away with how big it was and he loved the music. We got him his first Blue Strawberry coffee (a favorite of mine) and walked around for a while. Because we didn't get much time, Nick said he definitely wanted to go back. It was so nice to do something different! Our friend Clint came over later and made the fish he caught at Spirit Lake and then we headed to my Dad's Barage where our friends Ashley and Andy joined us. Ashley is due in 3 weeks with their first little girl!! She looks fantastic and is very ready for the little one to come! We also happened to wear matching green tank tops haha:

Awkward Pose :)
37 Weeks and 23 Weeks

Sunday, what is turning into my favorite day, I woke up and did some cleaning while Nick played in a golf tournament. I then made chicken & cheese enchiladas & queso and salsa dip and we watched a movie. AND THEN...of course....TRUE BLOOD was on. I had to give in and order HBO last week and in one night watched the first 3 episodes online. I am LOVING this season:)

PREGNANCY NEWS: Nothing much going on...I'm 23 weeks 1 day pregnant, growing at a rapid pace and I have my 24 week appointment on Tuesday:) No fainting spells and a stranger noticed I was pregnant (first time this has happened!) I also have what will be the babies room completely cleared out. Saturday while Nick was working out I took the bed apart, and took the mattress and box downstairs for my Dad to pick up for my little sister Olivia. Besides a few things in the closet and some pictures frames and nic nacks...it's almost ready to be painted and decorated for a little someone moving in...less then 4 months away!

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