Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Diapers...UNDEROOSKIS...& Dizzy Spells

For starters, I made my first DIAPER and wipes purchase this past weekend. Boy do I wish I would have had video of this hot mess. I had coupons that expired on 7/9/11 so I figured I should probably get to using them. I went to my FIRST favorite Store Super Target and stood staring at these diapers like they were books on a library shelf about World War I. Several women past me and probably knew instantly that I was a beginner. I mean...the choices are ridiculous...not just brands....but swaddlers, movers, snugglers, night time diapers, day time diapers, sensitive skin diapers, swimming diapers. Then there's the different sizes! I opted for Size 1 as I assume our newborn won't need too many of those seeing as his Dad was a whopping 10 or more lbs (I don't like to think nor discuss this as it terrifies the bageebies out of me). Anyway, after 15 minutes of putting one box into my cart, taking it out, grabbing another and repeating I finally settled on our first box of diapers. It's funny, I felt so much pressure. I know this little guy isn't going to tell me which ones he prefers so it's all up to me to get him something that's not going to pinch this, or give him a rash here etc. I know I wouldn't want anyone picking out my underwear! The wipes were a bit easier. Either that or I was so frustrated with the diaper adventure that I just grabbed the first ones I saw (Huggies Natural Care) that were part of my coupon. At the moment I'm not sure if I will be a Huggies or a Pampers gal. I have heard that Target brand is amazing after they are a little bit older and I have heard Pampers are good for boys. These particular coupons were for Huggies so I went with that. I guess I'll try out anything and figure out what this little dude prefers. It's like deciding between boy shorts or thongs only for babies!

Besides walking 5 days a week, I think I have finally found my workout of choice to be swimming. I hadn't been doing this as much as I would like or had planned. Something about getting your suit on, packing your goggles, getting into the pool, then having to dry off and change after seems like so much work! (Lazy much?). But this last weekend Nick and I went to work out and I decided I would get a good swim workout in. I felt great afterwards and I could tell I got a great workout in by how my body felt the following day! One problem..this baby is taking away my LUNGS! I feel like I am gasping for air sometimes. I did just 1,500 yards (for those of you non swimmers that's 60 laps total in a 25 yard pool), with a combination of swimming, kicking & pulling and it took me about 35 minutes. I am really going to try and keep this a regular part of my workout and I know it's great for you when you're pregnant because we are so light in water. When I got out of the pool I did some squats on the bosu ball which has become my favorite, and did a series of arm exercises with light weights while I waited for Nick to finish up. He truely is so motivating for me to stay active. Of course since I got pregnant he has been TURBO in the weight room and looks just like he did when started dating nearly 5 years ago. Keep in mind that's when he had 4 hours a day basketball practices, sometimes twice, was lifting weights, and playing in games every week. As frustrating as it is to watch him shrink as I expand, it will help me work out throughout my pregnancy and whip back into shape when it's over.

THE NAME GAME: We have started discussing names and throwing different things out there. Boys are so much harder than girls! If he was a she we were down to 2 with either Alaina June Larson or Harper June Larson (June is my Mothers name). Everyone told me whichever sex you have names for, it will be the opposite. Very true in our case. I think we have 3 or 4 that we like and are going to kind of sit on them until it gets closer. We also decided that we will probably have 2 names and when we officially meet him and see him, we will decide between the two hoping we can tell which suits him better:) We definitely want something a little unique without being weird. Has to be something that is a good baby, kid and adult name so not too silly for when he needs to be taken seriously. And something easily pronounced and spelled. Oh the possibilities!!!
 Nick and I never made it to Des Moines this weekend to visit our friends Morgan and Jay :( Nick had a softball tournament and we wouldn't have gotten there until late and had to leave early the next morning. So we decided we'd wait until the end of July when we could spend a WHOLE day in Des Moines with them. Morgan and I will be farther at 25 weeks and 17 weeks to the day so we will have more belly to show:)  Very excited for that! So instead our friend Clint came over and we grilled out and ate on the deck, the boys had some summer cocktails, and we decided to rent movies and get snacks (My kind of night!). Funny story about Hy-Vee...when you go there after 10:00 on a Saturday night you are going to see some interesting things. Within 30 seconds of walking through the door Nick had his finger pointed right at some guys booty (his finger was probably a foot at most from this guys derriere). Clint and I look and low and behold this clearly intoxicated fella had a huge rip in the back pocket of his jeans with NO UNDEROOSKIES on. I bolted and the entire store had to hear our laughter. We sounded like a bunch of school girls and could not stop! To top it off the woman in line that was in front of him was purchasing 3 bottles of wine and condoms. And I thought only Walmart provided this kind of entertainment!?!?
THIS is what we saw!!!

Oh yes...I suppose I should cover this. Last Wednesday when I finished my lunch at work, I started feeling very restless and "funny". Shortly after I felt woozy/dizzy so I got up and walked/swerved to the bathroom. As I was walking I saw spots, had almost no balance and sort of a grey haze came over me. I finally got to the bathroom and just sat down for somewhere to sit and felt very sick like I was going to faint and had cold sweats. This only lasted 3-4 minutes and then I walked back to my desk and thought nothing of it. I mentioned it to my Mom,Nick and his Mom who said I should probaby call the doctor but of course I didn't. I did some research online and all that I could come up with was that in the middle of your pregnancy your blood pressure is low and that must have had something to do with it. Well...Friday comes along only this time it was after breakfast. I ate a cinnamon roll and started getting that same restless feeling. I stood up to go to the bathroom and the same series of events occurred only this time they were worse. I was positive that I was going to faint. THANKFULLY I did not. But this did scare me enough into calling the Doctor who wanted me to come in that afternoon. I went in and yes my blood pressure was a little low which he said was common, but I also needed to not eat my regular 3 meals a day and would need to eat every few hours. It was strange that these episodes were happening AFTER eating. He also said that my body is so confused right now and so much is going on. Everything is moving around and with me just now starting to show, things are really starting to shift. My intestines and organs are in overdrive and he said it's probably just causing some light headedness/dizzyness. So I need to eat more throughout the day...but less at one time. Nick was a nervous wreck so I can only imagine him when the big day comes!

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  1. You should do a diaper raffle at your baby shower. In your invite include a little paper saying that if the guest would like to bring a pack of diapers, they will be entered into a raffle to win a really sweet prize! You can make up a rhyme for it or google it to find one too, if you want to make it extra cute. You should be set on diapers for at LEAST the first year, after doing this. Many of my friends have done this and they end up with a wide varieties of sizes and some stores will exchange them for you sometimes. :)