Thursday, July 7, 2011

Almost 22 weeks & 4th of July Weekend :)

21 weeks 5 days (nearly 22)

Baby Size: Baby is the size of a banana!! Seems like he was just the size of a lemon! He still has lot's of room to move around in there but not for long. He has taste buds and swallows amniotic fluid every day now. Research shows that what I eat now, he will most likely eat later. He sleeps 12-14 hours a day, much like a newborn:)

Total Weight Gain: Not sure...would like to think I've put on a pound or two but I really don't know (we don't own a scale.) Thinking about getting one so I can make sure I'm putting on what the Dr. ordered. I'm going to take a wild guess and say I'm up 3 lbs :)

Maternity Clothes: My mom and I did some SERIOUS bargain shopping at the outlet mall this weekend. Aside from taking care of Baby Larson's entire summer wardrobe for summer 2012, I also took care of my wardrobe for the rest of the summer and even some into fall for my expanding body. My best deal? $45.00 gap pants for $3.00!!!! SCORE!

Sleep: Still sleeping better than ever!

Exercise: Nick calls me "Wanda Walker" haha. I walk a ton and do light weights, squats and girly push ups at home. I did run once last week and felt great but I think I'm going to stick to walking so I can gain weight.

Best Moments: The weekend with Nick (get your barf bags)...but I am more in love with him than ever. We have always been super close but it's even better now. We spend so much time talking about our home projects and baby stuff. I feel very loved by him:) Still working on a name!

Worst Moments: More bathing suit moments (although it's really not that bad it just feels that way), and coming back to work after a long weekend.

Food Cravings: Have been eating a lot of breakfast at all hours these days...over easy eggs, toast, bacon, french toast....yummm! Also fruit and peanut butter!

What I Miss:Still missing the summer cocktails...although I am a great DD!

Looking Forward To:Visiting Morgan and Jay this weekend in Des Moines! Will be the first time I've seen her since she announced her pregnancy! She will be 14 weeks and I will be 22 :)

Symptoms: UMMM zero....feeling him move and kick is the only thing reminding me I'm pregnant.

***I absolutley love the 4th of July! I took a half day Friday and got some sun/pool time with my friend Erin. We floated around as I watched her sip her summer beverages while I helped myself to 3 Non Alcoholic Busch Lights:) Saturday morning my Mom and I got up bright and early and went to the Farmers market where I purchased these:

AHHHH so cute and since Baby L will be born during Hawkeye season, the little Hawkeye one is perfect. The baseball one is bigger for next year when Daddy is hollering at the TV (he watches EVERY CARDINALS game). Then we went to the outlet mall in Williamsburg because they were having amazing sales. Probably the best bargains I have ever gotten! I took care of a lot of next summer for the baby and got myself a ton of clothes that will work as I grow! Our last stop was the Coach outlet and since my Mom and I were so proud of our good finds, we both treated ourself to a new bag:)

After that I went straight to my Dad's where Nick already was and got into my suit. I showed Nick all my good finds, including several clothing items for him. But what he was most excited about were the baby Jordans I found for little buddy. $40 pair of Jordans for $11:)  STEAL! We spent all day and night there, swimming, eating and watching baseball. My nephew and sister were there too:)  Also got some early firework action in. Sunday Nick and My Dad, step mom and little sister drove to Wisconsin to get some fireworks. Nick came back witha huge box full which we took to Davenport with us to visit his grandparents. Nick, along with our friend Danny put on a show for Nicks grandparents, myself and Danny's girlfriend Amanda. It was awesome. We then sang some karaoke and got up Monday to come back. Nick had to work Monday:( After the long weekend, I couldn't bring myself to do anything for the actual 4th! At first I was going to go out to dinner with my friend Ashley and then watch the fireworks with her....then I was about to head to my Dad's for fireworks and grilling out... but ended up staying at home and listening/watching the fireworks with Yogi on the deck. It was actually really nice! :)

What a great long weekend! The summer is already flying by! We have some big things coming up with concerts/fairs and am so excited for them! Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Darius Rucker.....AHHHHH so much fun! It's only going to make this pregnancy go by that much faster :)

*PS - NEW bump Picture :)

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