Tuesday, July 19, 2011

24 Week appointment

I'm technically 23 weeks 3 days Pregnant but had my 24 week appointment today. Six months pregnant on Saturday! Here's the update:

24 Week Appointment

Baby Size: Baby is still the size of a Papaya and the face is fully formed and fat is starting to pack on giving him a pink glow. He is between 10.5 and 11.8 inches long and is anywhere from 12.7 to 20.8 ounces so he's probably a whole POUND!
Heart Rate: Little buddies heart was beating at 148 bpm. Dr. said it sounded really good! Love that sound. 
Total Weight Gain: This is officially no longer a problem...Mama is up 9 lbs:) Last appointment the Doc was on me in this department. I didn't do anything differently but apparently baby took over:) Dr. told me I'm on track to gain 25 lbs total. Initially I was told to gain 25-35 lbs so this is great news. Grow baby GROW!
Maternity Clothes: Pants with buttons or zippers are almost non existant now. There's a few pairs that still work but that's it. I wear a lot of stretchy skirts to work and will finally have to cave and get some maternity work pants, shorts and jeans in the next few weeks.
Sleep: Still sleeping amazing - but can no longer sleep on my back.
Exercise: Lot's and lot's and lot's of walking. I am still walking 10-15 miles a week, swimming once a week and 3 days a week I do squats and upper body dumbbell weights. Trying to make sure I stretch a lot too but I hate doing it!
Belly Button In/Out: Currently still in...however it appears it's making it's way out. It will definitely be out in no time. The left side is really trying to pop out.
Best Moments: The strong kicks and someone asking if I was pregnant. Also ordering the bedding and clearing out what will be his room:)
Worst Moments: The incredibly uncomfortable "full" feeling I get after just a few bites! It's awful!!
Food Cravings: Nothing really in particular. Although last night I had to have Chinese but that's nothing new.
What I Miss: I honestly can't think of anything....
Looking Forward To: My friend Ashley having her baby any day now, seeing my Mother in law Tina this weekend who's in town from Louisiana, Great Jones County Fair  to see Jason Aldean, Chris Young, Josh Kelly &  Lady Antebellum
Symptoms: Full feeling all the time and headaches

24 weeks down.......16 weeks left to go!!! This is flying by!! Next appointment at 28 weeks we do the glucose test..have to drink what I hear to be a nasty drink, wait there an hour and then they take my blood.  Only one more appointment before I go every 2 weeks :) I'm getting so excited to meet him.


  1. I'm just a week ahead of you, and I agree that pregnancy is flying! Congratulations on a healthy pregnancy. I enjoy reading your updates:-).

  2. Found your blog through my friend Maria - I am about 4 weeks ahead of you in pregnancy.

    Did my glucose test this week - warning, the drink is NASTY. Haha. Make sure you fast before your test! For some reason not all providers remind you of this and if you don't there's a good chance you'll "fail" and have to do the 3 hour test!

    You look great!