Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Late Weekend for the books!

Rather than spew off paragraph after paragraph of the insane events and riDONKulousness that took place this past weekend I'm going to do it bullet style:

  • Thursday July 21st - Great Jones County Fair begins with Thompson Square, Chris Young, and Jason Aldean. Amazing downpoured on during Aldean.

  • Nearly in a dozen confrontations between the drunks spilling on us, people trying to push past us to make their way to the front, and Nick being super protective of his baby boy. Not to mention my friend Ashley laying the LAW down to anyone & everyone
  • Friday July 22nd - Great Jones County Fair continues with Josh Kelley and Lady Antebellum. Before concerts, sitting at camp site in heat index of 107 degrees with swollen, disappearing ankles...aka...cankles. Lady A wraps up early as the severe thunderstorm takes over....70 mph winds, pelting sideways rain, trees falling down all as we are making a run for the car.
  • Get back to the campsite where half the pop up camper has been bent in and is not useable. Port-o-johnny is tipped over 30 feet from our camper....rains the ENTIRE night.
  • Sleeping arrangements...Dad, Jen, Nick and I on the one working side of the camper (King Size thank God) with Clint below us on the cushioned bench. Dad sleeps like he is a 7 foot 400 lb man.
  • 2 am - 9 am....anywhere from 5 to 25 minute sleeping one point all 4 people were snoring in the camper but me. Dad and Clints sound like live grizzly bears. Stuffy as an attick and this 24 weeks pregnant sober chick could not "pass out"
  • 3 hour clean up the following morning
  • Saturday after running to Target - run out of gas (if you know me you know this is not a first...Nick was with me and was livid lol)
  • Saturday July 23rd - Braydens 5th birthday party - stayed 10 minuts to drop off present because of the mornings adventures.
  • Leave for Davenport - On the way...some woman doesn't see us and cuts into our lane, we swerve to miss her but at 75 mph in my small vehicle we lose control and do a complete 360 on the interstate. Cars making noises....THANK GOD nobody was behind us. She did pull over and give us her information and was very apologetic. I was driving at the time and nearly had a panick attack..crying hysterically and made Nick drive the rest of the way.
  • Finally get to Davenport where Nicks Mom/My Mother in law is visiting from Lousiana. At last some FRESH AIR. We hadn't seen her since the wedding and I got some good insight from a mother of 4 on pregnancy and labor. Probably the best part of the weekend! Loved visiting with her and of course seeing Jack and Dolly.
SO THERE you have it. Unreal huh!! Here are some more pictures to recap this crazy, outrageous, unforgettable, yet oddly enjoyable weekend. Making memories I tell ya....and just like every year....when tickets go on sale for this fair, no doubt we will be purchasing yet again! Did I mention that last year it flooded and the year before a tornado went through the town? The fair is JINXED!

Ashley and I pre concert

Nick & I at the campsite

Clint and Nick...and their "snacks"

Clint & I

Gearing up for Jason Aldean :)


 ERNST and I

Dad & Nick in the SCORCHING heat

Pops and I

Danny looking very excited for pictures:)

Guys Pic!
Ladies...Jen and the Amanda's
Nick and I ... and the cornfield..definitely Iowa

OH brother....

Clint & D-Scott...right before the MASSIVE storm

Jen, Dad and I

Yogi and

Nick and his Mama....they look alike huh!!?!?

Pregnancy News: Not much to update. The other day I felt icky and dizzy and just blah but I suppose that's normal. Sometimes it's scary since this is my first go around and I just don't know what is and is not "normal". Thankfully I have some people I can run these things by. According to my books and online, he is around 8 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 lbs. He is gaining 6 oz a week and his ears are sharper and loud noises startle him (Yogi barking!). His face is fully formed and I find myself daydreaming about what his little face will look like. Belly button is still making it's way out, I feel little buddy daily, and I cannot believe how quickly this is going. New belly picture in Expanding Belly Section taken at the fair. friend Ashley should have her baby in the next week sometime!! She is 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced!!! So excited for her and Andy:)

Oh and my Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag should be here FRIDAY! :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TIME to start Purchasing!

I have been looking at Diaper Bags basically since the week I found out I was pregnant. I have always noticed the different patterns and styles of bags on all the Mommy's pushing around their little ones. For the longest time I had my eye on this gorgeous Coach Bag...but it was $300 and I just couldn't stomach paying that. The boy one was extra cute but again..couldn't do it. I went to the Coach outlet in Williamsburg a few weeks ago to check some of them out but they just didn't have what I was looking for. Either the color wasn't right or the bag was ENTIRELY too big. WOWZA..there was a grey one that I'm pretty sure I could pack for a weeks vacation in! I also had my eye on some OiOi diaper bags (SUPER cute btw) but again just wasn't finding the right fit.
Anyway...I wasn't planning on purchasing one for a few months but I stumbled upon this Petunia Pickle Bottom 2 Day Surprise Sale at the Outlet Website. A few clicks of the mouse and there was no way I could pass this deal up! Bags were 40%-60% off their usually $175 or so prices. My next problem was picking between two of them. There was one teal/aqua one that I have seen before and had my eye on and then a  green and black one that I liked too. There was only an $18 difference between the two so that didn't matter. After looking at each about 50 times, I sent them to Nick and let him pick. He liked both as well but we decided one of the two was a bit more "manly" for when he would be carrying it around which to my delight he said would be just as much as I would be:) Here were the final two:

 We decided on the green and black one. It's more manly for Nick and it matches a lot of the stuff we already registered for (not that it really matters:))

CRIB BEDDING! Oh my goodness was this ever a headache! I searched websites into their 60th pages of boy bedding sometimes. Just like with clothing, there just isn't as much out there for boys as there is girls. I kind of knew what I was looking for but was open to different ideas. I love green. It's my favorite color and I liked it as an alternative to the usual boy blue. I also love aqua/teal and in a perfect world would have had charcoal grey in there as well. Unfortunately in baby land, brown is the charcoal grey. Everything seems to be mixed with brown. I also am AMAZED at how much baby bedding is...good golly! Thankfully I am a bargain hunter (well me and my Mother). Nick said this was all me as long as it wasn't girly and I showed him before buying. DEAL. I finally found the one that had the color scheme I wanted and could do some really fun paint and decorating things with! Side note: I'm not into a lot of animals...just not my thing. So the elephants were definitely me stepping out of my animal comfort zone. But for some reason, having just the ONE animal and it not being too abnoxious and doing cart wheels/flips, it has grown on me tremendously...

We didn't purchase the rug (Nick did not dig the rug so I'm going to just get a plain green, aqua or orange one). We got the bedding, and valance (2 actually to fit the window), and I'm later purchasing the crib mobile. I found a super cute lamp at Target that has a green base and we are getting the dresser that my little sister Olivia used and painting it green :) Will look something like this (only the green will obviously match):


We are also doing something completely different than the picture with the painting of the walls. Once we get started on that I will update.

Next up: Crib Purchase...oddly enough that pick was much easier than the diaper bag and bedding!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

24 Week appointment

I'm technically 23 weeks 3 days Pregnant but had my 24 week appointment today. Six months pregnant on Saturday! Here's the update:

24 Week Appointment

Baby Size: Baby is still the size of a Papaya and the face is fully formed and fat is starting to pack on giving him a pink glow. He is between 10.5 and 11.8 inches long and is anywhere from 12.7 to 20.8 ounces so he's probably a whole POUND!
Heart Rate: Little buddies heart was beating at 148 bpm. Dr. said it sounded really good! Love that sound. 
Total Weight Gain: This is officially no longer a problem...Mama is up 9 lbs:) Last appointment the Doc was on me in this department. I didn't do anything differently but apparently baby took over:) Dr. told me I'm on track to gain 25 lbs total. Initially I was told to gain 25-35 lbs so this is great news. Grow baby GROW!
Maternity Clothes: Pants with buttons or zippers are almost non existant now. There's a few pairs that still work but that's it. I wear a lot of stretchy skirts to work and will finally have to cave and get some maternity work pants, shorts and jeans in the next few weeks.
Sleep: Still sleeping amazing - but can no longer sleep on my back.
Exercise: Lot's and lot's and lot's of walking. I am still walking 10-15 miles a week, swimming once a week and 3 days a week I do squats and upper body dumbbell weights. Trying to make sure I stretch a lot too but I hate doing it!
Belly Button In/Out: Currently still in...however it appears it's making it's way out. It will definitely be out in no time. The left side is really trying to pop out.
Best Moments: The strong kicks and someone asking if I was pregnant. Also ordering the bedding and clearing out what will be his room:)
Worst Moments: The incredibly uncomfortable "full" feeling I get after just a few bites! It's awful!!
Food Cravings: Nothing really in particular. Although last night I had to have Chinese but that's nothing new.
What I Miss: I honestly can't think of anything....
Looking Forward To: My friend Ashley having her baby any day now, seeing my Mother in law Tina this weekend who's in town from Louisiana, Great Jones County Fair  to see Jason Aldean, Chris Young, Josh Kelly &  Lady Antebellum
Symptoms: Full feeling all the time and headaches

24 weeks down.......16 weeks left to go!!! This is flying by!! Next appointment at 28 weeks we do the glucose test..have to drink what I hear to be a nasty drink, wait there an hour and then they take my blood.  Only one more appointment before I go every 2 weeks :) I'm getting so excited to meet him.

Is life really going this fast....or are we in too big of a hurry?

(Ok so I wrote this on Sunday but am just now posting it because I was waiting to add the pictures...I'm posting my 24 week appointment information right after this)

Maybe it's me being closer to 30 then 20....maybe it's the fact that I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that a human life is growing inside of me...or maybe it's that I can vividly remember 5, 10, 15 years ago like they happened yesterday. I've been thinking so much about so many things. Besides what crib to get, maternity leave, what I'm going to do to make sure this little boy becomes the best person he can be.....I've also been thinking about places I've been, people I've met, friendships, love, know the deep stuff. It could be the fact that I have been watching entirely too much TLC and Lifetime. I can't believe how clearly I can remember heading to the senior keg, the noise of the crowd in the final 10 seconds of a tie game, straping the ankle braces on and tightening the laces, decorating my dorm, going on spring break, and thinking that "My LIFE IS OVER" after a fight with a friend, a rumor, and a broken heart. Now that I'm trying to figure out the difference between the front and the back of a diaper, how many times I'm going to have to pump a day, and how to organize my nursery I realize there is one thing that is ALWAYS the same.... I'm always waiting for the next big thing. Graduation, going to College, the Missouri Valley Tournament, my friends big birthday party, date night or a vacation with the boyfriend, the concert, the fair, the wedding, the baby. Then we all complain about how fast time goes. I think if we all enjoyed the here and now..even the days that there is NOTHING going on, maybe it wouldn't seem like it went quite so fast. For example, I hate Mondays. Besdies some good TV, I hate getting up, going to work, and the start of yet another week before the weekend. Next Monday that comes around...I'm going to enjoy every minute of it..even the bad parts.

Ok ... less heavy. Recapping the weekend. Friday I watched my nephew for about 4 hours. Him and his Mama needed a break from each other and I figured him and I needed some nephew/auntie time. Despite being 100% boy, having little to no attention span and facing some of the daily struggles his mother did as well, he is the most loveable little boy in the world. I think he will be a great cousin:) We made macaroni, worked on spelling his name, ran through the sprinkler, went to the park, rented a movie and got snacks, and then piled blankets on the floor and watched Pooh's Grand Adventure. He was so good and he kept rubbing and talking to my belly which is just priceless. Here are some pictures of Auntie and Brayden's Grand Adventure:

He didn't have swim trunks...HAHA

GREAT sprinkler form

Getting so big.....ALMOST 5

The slides were boring to him

This is pushing it...had me at 5'10

Pooh's Grand Adventure and Snacks...great night
Saturday Nick and I got up and went to get him a new license (his wallet was stolen a few weeks ago:(). Gosh that place is a hot mess. Besides some incredible people "People of Walmart" status, it takes forever to get anything accomplished there! After FINALLY getting that taken care of we went to the Farmers Market for the last 30 minutes of it. Nick had never been and he said he was blown away with how big it was and he loved the music. We got him his first Blue Strawberry coffee (a favorite of mine) and walked around for a while. Because we didn't get much time, Nick said he definitely wanted to go back. It was so nice to do something different! Our friend Clint came over later and made the fish he caught at Spirit Lake and then we headed to my Dad's Barage where our friends Ashley and Andy joined us. Ashley is due in 3 weeks with their first little girl!! She looks fantastic and is very ready for the little one to come! We also happened to wear matching green tank tops haha:

Awkward Pose :)
37 Weeks and 23 Weeks

Sunday, what is turning into my favorite day, I woke up and did some cleaning while Nick played in a golf tournament. I then made chicken & cheese enchiladas & queso and salsa dip and we watched a movie. AND THEN...of course....TRUE BLOOD was on. I had to give in and order HBO last week and in one night watched the first 3 episodes online. I am LOVING this season:)

PREGNANCY NEWS: Nothing much going on...I'm 23 weeks 1 day pregnant, growing at a rapid pace and I have my 24 week appointment on Tuesday:) No fainting spells and a stranger noticed I was pregnant (first time this has happened!) I also have what will be the babies room completely cleared out. Saturday while Nick was working out I took the bed apart, and took the mattress and box downstairs for my Dad to pick up for my little sister Olivia. Besides a few things in the closet and some pictures frames and nic's almost ready to be painted and decorated for a little someone moving in...less then 4 months away!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Diapers...UNDEROOSKIS...& Dizzy Spells

For starters, I made my first DIAPER and wipes purchase this past weekend. Boy do I wish I would have had video of this hot mess. I had coupons that expired on 7/9/11 so I figured I should probably get to using them. I went to my FIRST favorite Store Super Target and stood staring at these diapers like they were books on a library shelf about World War I. Several women past me and probably knew instantly that I was a beginner. I mean...the choices are ridiculous...not just brands....but swaddlers, movers, snugglers, night time diapers, day time diapers, sensitive skin diapers, swimming diapers. Then there's the different sizes! I opted for Size 1 as I assume our newborn won't need too many of those seeing as his Dad was a whopping 10 or more lbs (I don't like to think nor discuss this as it terrifies the bageebies out of me). Anyway, after 15 minutes of putting one box into my cart, taking it out, grabbing another and repeating I finally settled on our first box of diapers. It's funny, I felt so much pressure. I know this little guy isn't going to tell me which ones he prefers so it's all up to me to get him something that's not going to pinch this, or give him a rash here etc. I know I wouldn't want anyone picking out my underwear! The wipes were a bit easier. Either that or I was so frustrated with the diaper adventure that I just grabbed the first ones I saw (Huggies Natural Care) that were part of my coupon. At the moment I'm not sure if I will be a Huggies or a Pampers gal. I have heard that Target brand is amazing after they are a little bit older and I have heard Pampers are good for boys. These particular coupons were for Huggies so I went with that. I guess I'll try out anything and figure out what this little dude prefers. It's like deciding between boy shorts or thongs only for babies!

Besides walking 5 days a week, I think I have finally found my workout of choice to be swimming. I hadn't been doing this as much as I would like or had planned. Something about getting your suit on, packing your goggles, getting into the pool, then having to dry off and change after seems like so much work! (Lazy much?). But this last weekend Nick and I went to work out and I decided I would get a good swim workout in. I felt great afterwards and I could tell I got a great workout in by how my body felt the following day! One problem..this baby is taking away my LUNGS! I feel like I am gasping for air sometimes. I did just 1,500 yards (for those of you non swimmers that's 60 laps total in a 25 yard pool), with a combination of swimming, kicking & pulling and it took me about 35 minutes. I am really going to try and keep this a regular part of my workout and I know it's great for you when you're pregnant because we are so light in water. When I got out of the pool I did some squats on the bosu ball which has become my favorite, and did a series of arm exercises with light weights while I waited for Nick to finish up. He truely is so motivating for me to stay active. Of course since I got pregnant he has been TURBO in the weight room and looks just like he did when started dating nearly 5 years ago. Keep in mind that's when he had 4 hours a day basketball practices, sometimes twice, was lifting weights, and playing in games every week. As frustrating as it is to watch him shrink as I expand, it will help me work out throughout my pregnancy and whip back into shape when it's over.

THE NAME GAME: We have started discussing names and throwing different things out there. Boys are so much harder than girls! If he was a she we were down to 2 with either Alaina June Larson or Harper June Larson (June is my Mothers name). Everyone told me whichever sex you have names for, it will be the opposite. Very true in our case. I think we have 3 or 4 that we like and are going to kind of sit on them until it gets closer. We also decided that we will probably have 2 names and when we officially meet him and see him, we will decide between the two hoping we can tell which suits him better:) We definitely want something a little unique without being weird. Has to be something that is a good baby, kid and adult name so not too silly for when he needs to be taken seriously. And something easily pronounced and spelled. Oh the possibilities!!!
 Nick and I never made it to Des Moines this weekend to visit our friends Morgan and Jay :( Nick had a softball tournament and we wouldn't have gotten there until late and had to leave early the next morning. So we decided we'd wait until the end of July when we could spend a WHOLE day in Des Moines with them. Morgan and I will be farther at 25 weeks and 17 weeks to the day so we will have more belly to show:)  Very excited for that! So instead our friend Clint came over and we grilled out and ate on the deck, the boys had some summer cocktails, and we decided to rent movies and get snacks (My kind of night!). Funny story about Hy-Vee...when you go there after 10:00 on a Saturday night you are going to see some interesting things. Within 30 seconds of walking through the door Nick had his finger pointed right at some guys booty (his finger was probably a foot at most from this guys derriere). Clint and I look and low and behold this clearly intoxicated fella had a huge rip in the back pocket of his jeans with NO UNDEROOSKIES on. I bolted and the entire store had to hear our laughter. We sounded like a bunch of school girls and could not stop! To top it off the woman in line that was in front of him was purchasing 3 bottles of wine and condoms. And I thought only Walmart provided this kind of entertainment!?!?
THIS is what we saw!!!

Oh yes...I suppose I should cover this. Last Wednesday when I finished my lunch at work, I started feeling very restless and "funny". Shortly after I felt woozy/dizzy so I got up and walked/swerved to the bathroom. As I was walking I saw spots, had almost no balance and sort of a grey haze came over me. I finally got to the bathroom and just sat down for somewhere to sit and felt very sick like I was going to faint and had cold sweats. This only lasted 3-4 minutes and then I walked back to my desk and thought nothing of it. I mentioned it to my Mom,Nick and his Mom who said I should probaby call the doctor but of course I didn't. I did some research online and all that I could come up with was that in the middle of your pregnancy your blood pressure is low and that must have had something to do with it. Well...Friday comes along only this time it was after breakfast. I ate a cinnamon roll and started getting that same restless feeling. I stood up to go to the bathroom and the same series of events occurred only this time they were worse. I was positive that I was going to faint. THANKFULLY I did not. But this did scare me enough into calling the Doctor who wanted me to come in that afternoon. I went in and yes my blood pressure was a little low which he said was common, but I also needed to not eat my regular 3 meals a day and would need to eat every few hours. It was strange that these episodes were happening AFTER eating. He also said that my body is so confused right now and so much is going on. Everything is moving around and with me just now starting to show, things are really starting to shift. My intestines and organs are in overdrive and he said it's probably just causing some light headedness/dizzyness. So I need to eat more throughout the day...but less at one time. Nick was a nervous wreck so I can only imagine him when the big day comes!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Almost 22 weeks & 4th of July Weekend :)

21 weeks 5 days (nearly 22)

Baby Size: Baby is the size of a banana!! Seems like he was just the size of a lemon! He still has lot's of room to move around in there but not for long. He has taste buds and swallows amniotic fluid every day now. Research shows that what I eat now, he will most likely eat later. He sleeps 12-14 hours a day, much like a newborn:)

Total Weight Gain: Not sure...would like to think I've put on a pound or two but I really don't know (we don't own a scale.) Thinking about getting one so I can make sure I'm putting on what the Dr. ordered. I'm going to take a wild guess and say I'm up 3 lbs :)

Maternity Clothes: My mom and I did some SERIOUS bargain shopping at the outlet mall this weekend. Aside from taking care of Baby Larson's entire summer wardrobe for summer 2012, I also took care of my wardrobe for the rest of the summer and even some into fall for my expanding body. My best deal? $45.00 gap pants for $3.00!!!! SCORE!

Sleep: Still sleeping better than ever!

Exercise: Nick calls me "Wanda Walker" haha. I walk a ton and do light weights, squats and girly push ups at home. I did run once last week and felt great but I think I'm going to stick to walking so I can gain weight.

Best Moments: The weekend with Nick (get your barf bags)...but I am more in love with him than ever. We have always been super close but it's even better now. We spend so much time talking about our home projects and baby stuff. I feel very loved by him:) Still working on a name!

Worst Moments: More bathing suit moments (although it's really not that bad it just feels that way), and coming back to work after a long weekend.

Food Cravings: Have been eating a lot of breakfast at all hours these days...over easy eggs, toast, bacon, french toast....yummm! Also fruit and peanut butter!

What I Miss:Still missing the summer cocktails...although I am a great DD!

Looking Forward To:Visiting Morgan and Jay this weekend in Des Moines! Will be the first time I've seen her since she announced her pregnancy! She will be 14 weeks and I will be 22 :)

Symptoms: UMMM zero....feeling him move and kick is the only thing reminding me I'm pregnant.

***I absolutley love the 4th of July! I took a half day Friday and got some sun/pool time with my friend Erin. We floated around as I watched her sip her summer beverages while I helped myself to 3 Non Alcoholic Busch Lights:) Saturday morning my Mom and I got up bright and early and went to the Farmers market where I purchased these:

AHHHH so cute and since Baby L will be born during Hawkeye season, the little Hawkeye one is perfect. The baseball one is bigger for next year when Daddy is hollering at the TV (he watches EVERY CARDINALS game). Then we went to the outlet mall in Williamsburg because they were having amazing sales. Probably the best bargains I have ever gotten! I took care of a lot of next summer for the baby and got myself a ton of clothes that will work as I grow! Our last stop was the Coach outlet and since my Mom and I were so proud of our good finds, we both treated ourself to a new bag:)

After that I went straight to my Dad's where Nick already was and got into my suit. I showed Nick all my good finds, including several clothing items for him. But what he was most excited about were the baby Jordans I found for little buddy. $40 pair of Jordans for $11:)  STEAL! We spent all day and night there, swimming, eating and watching baseball. My nephew and sister were there too:)  Also got some early firework action in. Sunday Nick and My Dad, step mom and little sister drove to Wisconsin to get some fireworks. Nick came back witha huge box full which we took to Davenport with us to visit his grandparents. Nick, along with our friend Danny put on a show for Nicks grandparents, myself and Danny's girlfriend Amanda. It was awesome. We then sang some karaoke and got up Monday to come back. Nick had to work Monday:( After the long weekend, I couldn't bring myself to do anything for the actual 4th! At first I was going to go out to dinner with my friend Ashley and then watch the fireworks with her....then I was about to head to my Dad's for fireworks and grilling out... but ended up staying at home and listening/watching the fireworks with Yogi on the deck. It was actually really nice! :)

What a great long weekend! The summer is already flying by! We have some big things coming up with concerts/fairs and am so excited for them! Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Darius Rucker.....AHHHHH so much fun! It's only going to make this pregnancy go by that much faster :)

*PS - NEW bump Picture :)