Sunday, June 5, 2011

Welcome Bumpie Larson!

First and foremost I have to announce that the Baby Larson Bump has arrived!! The other day I was making dinner and looked down and it was just there:) I actually FEEL pregnant now. It's definitely more prominent in the evening/night then any other time of the day but I just love that our baby is growing. I updated the growing belly pics but here is another one:

17 weeks
Nick and I are pretty excited and I think it makes it a little more "real" for him. I also felt the first few flutters this past week which was also very exciting. I can't even describe what it feels like when this happens. I smile and then immediately cry. It's a miracle having a baby grow inside of you.

Every weekend we are trying to get something done around the house. Lately we've really been working on the outside getting a  lot of yard work done and planting flowers etc. Nick has done a great job getting our yard in shape. I'm so thankful he likes doing that stuff and knows what he's doing because I'm pretty sure if I was in charge we would have a brown yard! We have been talking about getting patio furniture since we moved in. We didn't get around to it last summer which was our first summer in our home. We saw a good deal at Target so decided to just go ahead and get it over with. Of course we decided to do this on a 90 degree day and put it together on our patio. I certainly needed my patience cap! It's no secret that when Nick and I have to put together anything (entertainment centers, beds, kitchen tables etc) we tend to get a TAD frustrated :)

Work in progress
Nick hard at work
  He has about as much patience as my pinky finger and he knows it. We did get this project done in record time and were very happy with the results. Just one more project to check off!! Only have to get the kitchen floors done, light fixtures, new chair for living room, baby room completed, handles on the cabinets, work on the basement and painting a few rooms left!! HAHA..and all before baby officially joins the family. I have confidence we can get it all done! Saturday night we got to enjoy our new patio furniture after grilling out. Our friend Clint came over and we determined that the patio is going to be seeing a lot of us this summer. There's just something about sitting outside, drinking a beer (not me of course:(), and grilling out!

Other than that, we spent some time at my Dad's "Barage", cleaned the house, got some fantastic breakfast at "Rileys", and I ran/walked the trail yesterday but it was ENTIRELY too hot and my body was telling me never again in that heat!! I also had a headache about 80% of the weekend:( I just can't seem to get rid of them! Tonight Nick and I are going to walk, get some DQ and rent a movie. Pretty good weekend! 16 days until we join Team Pink or Team Blue!! :)


  1. Congratulations on the baby bump and feeling baby move for the first time!! :)16 days cannot come soon enough!!

  2. Hi! I found your blog through thebump; I'm excited about having another pregnant woman to follow!
    We have a TON to do around the house before our baby is born, too! Unfortunately, I have not been too good at getting anything done yet. Time to get my butt in gear, right?:)