Monday, June 13, 2011

Rolling With the Punches

I am having a really hard time believing we are half way through June already! Time goes faster and faster every year...and I hear once you have kids it speeds up even more :(

New look to the front of our home!
Yogi is in the window:)
 *We had a great weekend! I went to my friend Ashley's baby shower which had babies everywhere getting me more and more excited. Ashley only has 7 weeks left until her little girl is born...her pregnancy has flown by and I'm so excited for her and Andy! We also went to a music festival in our friend Clints home town and had a blast, and on Sunday grilled out at my Moms with my sister and nephew! We also painted our hideous front door and our address numbers on the house, hung the barn star, put in our solar lights, dug up this horrid rock/bush/mess that the previous owners created in our backyard, and did some cleaning:) Next up, kitchen floors, light fixtures, decorating the top of the cupboards and my photo wall! Getting this stuff done before that baby joins us if it's the last thing we do! Also....the Dallas Mavericks are the 2011 NBA Champions which completed the weekend! The team with one All Star came out on top against a team with 3....I'd much rather be the 6th man for Dallas then Dwayne or Lebron today!

*So my workouts have changed as we've gone along as I knew they would. I just really am worried about the damage on my bladder so I'm always conscious of this and I can now immediatley feel that pressure when I run or bounce. This week I am doing:
My new favorite place
 Monday/Thursday/Sun -  3 days of walking and/or jogging 2-3 miles either on the trail or at the gym
Tuesday/Sat- 2 days of swimming
Wednesday-  Prenatal Yoga Class
Mon/Tues/Wed/Thur/Sun-  4 of those days/night I do my at home routine of stairs, squats, push ups and stretching. All I do is walk up and down my stairs 10 times, do one legged squats at 3 sets of 10 for each leg, pushups 3 sets of 10, and then I do 20 minutes of stretching. It's very minimal but I feel great afterwards like I got my body and my heart pumping without jolting my body around.
 I decided every week I will plan out what I'm going to do depending on how I'm feeling and what baby is telling me is ok for them. He/She is already running the show:)

Pregnant Together - 8 weeks apart:)
*I have been waiting patiently to make this special announcement! My best friend Morgan finally let the world in on her little secret that she too is expecting! We are only 8 weeks apart and this will be her and her husbands 2nd child :) I knew there was a strong possibility that we may be pregnant together because when Nick and I found out that we were expecting I knew they were trying for baby #2. I am so happy for her and selfishly excited for myself! Our little ones will either be BFF's and partners in crime or they will fall in love and get married!! Congratulations Morgan, Jay and soon to be big brother Carter!

*Only a week from tomorrow until we know boy or girl. This last weekend I looked at paint samples and have a pretty good idea the direction we'll go either way for their room. We have started talking about names more but decided not to get to much into the conversation until we know if we need boy names or girl names. I just can hardly stand the wait! I did have my first actual labor dream, which was also my first boy dream. However I still am clueless as to what I think we are having. I just want a healthy baby:) Nick says his gut says boy but he would love a little girl just as much. My gut says "I'm hungry" and is telling me nothing about our babies gender!

*We also had a cool moment this weekend. I have been feeling the baby flutter around in there for a week or two now. But this weekend I looked down and one side of my stomach was flat and the other had a tiny bulge. So I got to show Nick that the baby was favoring the right side of my belly. It was neat to get to show him something because so far with me barely showing and it being too early to feel outside kicks, he hasn't really got to experience anything yet. Today I sat and watched my stomach move for about 20 minutes....I just smile and wonder whether it's their foot or hand or if they are doing back flips in there:) I bought a few summer dresses this weekend that will come in handy as the belly grows. I am currently still in my regular prepregnany clothes but I have a feeling in the weeks ahead my bella band will be needed! I can't wait to watch my belly grow:)


  1. Amanda! I love reading your blog and living mommy-to-be life through you! Also so fun to see the changes you are making to your home - right up my alley! Laughed out loud at the comment that your gut just tells you you're hungry and nothing of the gender - ha! Hugs to you!


  2. Christian vanoverJune 13, 2011 at 10:12 PM

    I am very happy for you both. We will have to come out for a visit. Love your blog and you.