Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Major Decision as a Parent...CHECK!

Memorial weekend went great! Lot's of time with family and friends, bonfires, movies, more nesting, yardwork & flower planting, workouts, and even caught some rays on our deck so that I don't look like Casper! Since Nick works 2-11 pm now, it was so nice to get 3 whole days with him. Grandpa Jack and Grandma Dolly came to stay with us Saturday and we went to my dads "Bar-age" and sat around the bonfire and did some karaoke which was a blast. I also got to see a little bit of my friend Erin who was here from Minnesota! We had some good times with the fake mustaches my Step Mom purchased:) Sunday we got to spend some time with our friends Blake and Brooke who built an amazing fire pit in their backyard. We hadn't seen them in a while so it was nice to spend some time with them. Nick and Blake played bags using the backyard spotlight and Brooke and I made smores!! I love Memorial Day, I feel so lucky to be an American and am so thankful to everyone who has ever fought, fights, or will fight for us.

Saturday Nick and I went and worked out together at the MAC. Recently I have been really nervous about running because of all the stories I've heard about the damage it can do to your bladder and joints. So as of late I've stuck to fast paced walking at high inclines, biking, weights, yoga etc. Saturday I decided I was going to try running again and I'm so glad I did. I walked 4 minutes and then ran 4 minutes for 35 minutes. When I walked I walked at a very high incline and when I ran, I only ran at 6.0 mph. I think I'm going to keep this up until I feel uncomfortable. I also have really enjoyed walking the Boyson Road Trail. I walk to Thomas Park and back and according to my Mother it's about 2.3 miles. I hope to do this until the end of my pregnancy:)

Every morning I wake up and feel my tummy hoping I feel the sudden "pop" that everyone is talking about, and so far every morning is a disappointment. I definitely look bloated but I'd say it's more of a pudge look than a bump! Nick thinks I'm crazy and my Mom laughs every time I stand up and say "See, there's a bump there right?" I'm trying to be patient but I can't help but worry that I have a malnourished child. BRING ON THE ICE CREAM and COOKIES:) The doctor says I have nothing to worry about but I will feel much better when I have something there that proves there's a little person in there. I'm 16 1/2 weeks so there's still time. I can't help but be envious of all the beautiful mommies to be with cute little bumps!! SO I'm currently on bump watch patrol. I cannot wait until I can upload a TRUE bump picture! Currently, it appears I have eaten one too many twinkies! However, this weekend I am uploading more pictures regardless...but hoping a little something pops out in the next few days!

Yesterday I met with the first (and last) in home daycare provider that I stumbled upon randomly on craigslist. The prices seemed too good to be true and I was a little leery as usually if it seems too good to be is! I took my Mom along as she and I walked the trail just before and Nick couldn't come because of work. Plus I figured she has much more experience in this department! We sat down and talked to her for about a half hour. She has 2 children of her own and one on the way in July. She currently watches an 8 week old baby and will have two more school aged children starting this month. Her home was clean and organized, she was personable and I loved how she interacted with her own children. She's strong in her faith, and said there were not any sex offenders within a 10 miles radius (which is good to know considering I live a mile away!!). She also has unbelievable prices and does not charge more for infants. She only charges you when your child is there. So if the baby is sick or I'm sick and we don't take him/her, we don't pay. She has a sign in and out sheet to keep track of time and gives you a statement every week with the hours she watched your child and what you owe. You can pay weekly, bi weekly or monthly. She is just incredibly accomodating and you can tell she understands the stress of finding someone to care for your children and how much it can cost. I hear people pay as much as $175 a week for daycare. She decided to do this because she couldn't find anyone to accomodate her two children at an affordable price. She is a certified provider and also CPR certified.  She also can care for your children 1st, 2nd or 3rd shifts Monday through Friday!

1. Only 2 minutes from Nick and I's home (BONUS #1)
2. Great neighborhood (BONUS #2)
3. Clean environment (BONUS #3)
4. Price (BONUS #4)
5. Only Pay when your child is there (BONUS #5)
6. Friendly Christian Woman who I feel I can trust (BONUS #6)

There are probably several other Bonuses but those are the ones that stuck out. My Mom also approved which I suppose should be the biggest Bonus of all. I felt really good when I left there. Having been raised in an in home daycare, I felt really strongly about going that route. I like knowing who's going to be watching my baby every day. There's also no deposit or any hidden fees. She was very genuine and I've already given her the green light as far as caring for our baby come January when I go back to work. I of course waited to talk with Nick about it and he approved as well. It feels so good to have this taken care of. Yes, it's super early but I couldn't pass this up. It wasn't too good to be true it really was just THAT good. And we have officially made our first big parenting decision (big sighs)...confident this is at least one decision we didn't mess up:)

Still counting down the days (and writing out each day on my calendar) to our Ultrasound/Gender appointment. Only 20 more days! It's so exciting thinking about it, just as I'm sure it is for those that wait until the due date. Either way I think that it's an exciting surprise. Funny how time goes so fast but when you're waiting for a date 20 days away, it slows way down. My headaches have actually gotten worse. I suppose I shouldn't complain since I managed to avoid morning sickness for the most part. Not the most pleasant feeling but there's not much I can do about it so I just take them as they come. I think Nick is OVER the headaches:) Can't say I'm too much fun to be around when I have one. We continue to nest and clean and work on the yard. This weekend we are finally getting patio furniture which we've talked about for a year now. Next is getting the floors done! Started looking for new cars this week. Found a couple we like but trying to be patient to get the best bang for our buck. Looking around here and in Davenport and comparing prices. We love the Ford Edges, Chevy Equinoxes and Saturn Vues at the moment. Looking for a small to mid sized SUV with FOUR my 2 door Cobalt will not do the job with a baby to get in and out of the car.
Overall, pretty productive week :) 16 weeks 4 days and counting. So thankful.

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