Wednesday, June 22, 2011


BOY!!! A very healthy and active little boy who has already stolen our hearts. I was a nervous wreck the whole time worrying that everything was where it was supposed to be and the little one was healthy. Everything is perfect and he's just handsome as ever. Seeing Nick's face is something I will never forget. I have never seen him more proud and excited. We definitely got even closer in those few moments. Baby's heart rate was 160 bpm. I haven't gained any weight which is a little worrysome. The doctor said that I need to gain 4-5 lbs by my next appointment but that the baby is measuring completely healthy and normal so it must just be taking all my nutrients. I work out but mostly light jogs or walking and eat everything in sight! She said if I gain a pound a week from here on out I will be up 20 lbs by the time the baby comes which is good. I am on an EATING MISSION STARTING NOW! I don't care if I gain 60 lbs as long as this little boy is healthy. So without further adieu here is our little boy (I love the one of his little feet):

Here's also a few videos of the little guy moving around:

Lasty we announced the gender to our families a little different. We didn't want to make it a big thing but decided to have them over for pizza and then share the news. I filled a big box with blue balloons and weighted one of them down with one that says "IT'S A BOY". My nephew Brayden made it known to me he wanted a boy cousin or twins (thank God just one in there). So I let him open the box for the balloons to fly out and reveal what Nick and I are having. Really neat moment to share with our family. The other half of the family who resides in Lousiana, Davenport and Florida are going to get this video so it was like they were with us too. Short and sweet but another very neat moment. Nick couldn't be there because of work :( Here is the video:

And here is a very proud Daddy to be after he got off work...

Grandma June :)
There isn't a word in the English language that describes what I feel and how thankful I am for this little boy. I can't wait to meet him.


  1. this is such an awesome idea!! I love it and got teary eyed!! Congrats Larson family!!!

  2. I remember the feeling of absolute joy! Congrats! Love the announcement to family with balloons! PS- don't knock gaining 60 lbs. I did. (don't do it though! not recommended! haha)

  3. Congrats, Amanda! I hadn't gained a pound until 25 weeks or so and then I managed to pack on a healthy chunk. No worries :)

  4. Awww... congrats! I love the balloon idea!

  5. Congratulations! I'm so glad your husband was able to be there with you and experience such a magical moment.
    As for the weight gain, every one is different. If your doctor says you and the baby are healthy, you are:-).

  6. Yaay for a lil' man! That's so exciting :o) It's great that you got to take video of the baby moving around! Our dr doesn't let you video, which is a bummer! Anywho- happy, happy team blue for you!!