Saturday, June 18, 2011

27 Tid Bits & 19 Weeks Update

Today marks my 19th week of pregnancy and just 1 week shy of the half way point! I can't believe it. All of these pregnancy hormones have me more sappy than usual (for those of you who know me, commercials, posters, stories, even Disney Movies pretty much anything, bring the water works). Anyway, I've been thinking a lot lately about what got me here. All the people and parts of my life that went this way or that way that led to this moment right now. So,I decided to make a list of 27 defining moments, dates, or just random things about me and my life that make me me....that brought me to right now....
1. August 12, 2005 - Most pinacle moment in my life thus far - complete path changer.
My Sisters Olivia and Ashley
2. I have 2 sisters - Ashley (25) and Olivia (10)  3. My nephew Brayden makes me belly laugh more than most adults.
4. I think having your heart broken at least once is devastatingly painful, completely unforgettable, and absolutely neccessary.

UNI - 2004/2005 Season
5. My parents were divorced in 1992 when I was 8 years old and are both remarried. 6. Receiving a scholarship to play basketball at UNI and the experiences and places those 3 years took me will forever be some of my most favorite times. They were also underappreciated until they were over.  7. I love Chinese Food (YUMMM...craving this big time right now)    
8. In high school I was a swimmer, played basketball, ran track, was in show choir and on the dance team.   9. 3 of my greatest losses = Grandpa Faas, Grandpa Vanover and my Uncle Ray. 10. I absolutely love to sing and dance. Just in the last 4 years have I been comfortable enough to start singing in front of people by getting involved in musical theatre and hitting up those karaoke joints!  

Follies 2008 singing "Fame"

Follies 2008= Singing "Fame"
11. Basketball - Consumed most of my childhood, introduced me to some of my greatest friends, paid for my education, took me to places I never would have gone without it, fulfilled my competitive nature, broke my heart, and rewarded me tremendously. Greatest game in the world.
12.  I became a UIU Peacock in 2005 - played basketball, met some of my life long friends, and met my now husband. PROUD to be a Peacock:)  13. I broke my right foot during practice in 2006 and had to redshirt what should have been my senior year.
2006 vs Iowa State
14. January 3, 2007 - Had a 2 hour conversation with my then friend Nicholas William Larson at a party and we've been together ever since. Had #1 and #13 not happened...there never would have been a Nick and Amanda Larson 4 years later.

Nick and I - Winter 2007

15. I'm an incredibly energetic, up beat and happy gal (ALMOST all of the time)
16. I pray everyday and am a follower of Christ.
17. On January 9th, 2010, on my 26th birthday, Nick proposed.
18. November 6, 2010 - I married the most wondeful, honest man who taught me how to trust (and save money haha)

Wedding Day - 11/06/10
19. I think forgiveness, whether that be for yourself or for others, is the only way to move forward. 20.  August 6, 2007 - I got my first grown up job at United Fire Group ( I am still with this company 4 years later and it has brought me so many amazing opportunities. Especially in April when I received a promotion and am loving it.21. My friendships are super important to me. Any and every moment that I met each of my friends over the last 22 years....Erskine, McKinley, Washington, UNI, Upper Iowa, United Fire Group, on a roadtrip in Oklahoma City, Davenport, Cedar Rapids.....wherever we met or parted, I'm thankful for all of you. You all make me better.
22. 3841 Vine Avenue -the Address to the House that Built Me.  23. 393 Noehren Hall -   Freshman year room assignment and dorm where I was put with my teammate who became my best friend Morgan Nelson (now DeVries) :) We had Josh Hartnet posters all over our walls and would pretend to be sleeping when unwanted boys would knock on our door!   24. March 5, 2011 - Nick and I  find out WE'RE PREGNANT after work with my wine glass in hand.
Morgan and I tailgating 2005

We're definitely PREGNANT
25. Nick and I together have seen probably 50 different country concerts (I do like other music but these are the BEST concerts).
26. I hate the word moist (sick, I don't even like typing it.)
27. This hasn't happened yet but on or about November 12, 2011 my life will change forever when we welcome our little one to the world. I hope and pray that I am a good Mom who teaches him/her to be a good person, have a big heart, keep family important, and to love God.

SO there's my sappy pants blog. I promise I won't throw my pregnancy hormones on you every chance I get. I just have really been thinking about these big moments or times in my life and how crazy it all is. You never think that when these things are happening they are getting you to the place God had in mind the whole time. I could have probably come up with 100 more....but I figured 27 was fitting since that's how many years I've been around. :)
19 Weeks

Baby Size: The little chalupa is the size of a mango and is still being measured from head to rump. Soon the measurements will be head to toe!!

Total Weight Gain: 2-3 lbs - will know officially at Tues. appointment

Maternity Clothes: Not yet but I'm sure they are coming. My pants seem to sit below where the belly is growing.

Sleep: I think I sleep better now than I ever have in my life and very DEEP!

Exercise: Great week of working out. Lot's of running, walking and weights. Have one more week of Prenatal Yoga which I will be signing up for again!

Best Moments: Watching my belly move when the baby kicks and feeling the flutters all day.

Worst Moments: Putting my bikini on and laying out on the deck - EEK!

Food Cravings: FRUIT and eggs and Hu Hot (Thanks Morgan:))

What I Miss: My abs.

Looking Forward to: Our appointment on Tuesday when we find out boy or girl!

Symptoms: Feeling great and having no symptoms other than hunger.

Also.... I updated my belly in the "Expanding Belly" Page...this is flying by! ONLY 3 DAYS  until we know if we're having a baby boy or a baby girl. I just want to start buying stuff finally! Either will be wonderful!! Our appointment is at 10:30 am on Tuesday but we are having family over Tuesday night to share the news in a special way. I will update Tuesday night with the news and video of our announcement to our family (which I will also be sending to Louisiana to the Larsons so it feels like they are with us too...we MISS THEM!)



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