Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby Announcement DVD :)

This wouldn't upload when I put the first two videos of my parents reactions. This is the DVD we sent to Nicks famiy in Louisiana and also showed to my family. Will be back Thursday with a review of my first Baby Yoga class along with some other thoughts:)


  1. just watched the videos and i have to say they both cracked me up! your dads reaction was too funny! he just keeps eating and than hes like oh wait! lol love it! congrats again! love you both!

  2. Congratulations Amanda and Nick i have said this many times alreday but i cant express how excited i am to be an aunt November needs to hurry up and get here lol love you guys with all my heart your loving sister

  3. For my entertainment, I had to go check this thing out today, since you spend ALL day Saturday working on this!! I was a bit upset though because I really wanted to see 'B' break your mom's glasses (again)! Congrats to all the family and can't wait to see if it is really a tripod or a bi-pod!!