Sunday, May 22, 2011

Am I really pregnant?

Nick and I had a great weekend. We continued our nesting with more donations to Goodwill, yardwork and cleaning. It's so nice to see our house coming together! We've lived here a year and been putting it off until we had a reason to get moving! My friend Ashley put on a surprise 30th birthday party for her husband Andy on Saturday. We had a great time...especially Nick! There was some SERIOUS and I mean SERIOUS games of Flippy Cup going on. Nick may be one of the most competitive men on earth and he had several others on his side of the flippy cup table that weren't any different...needless to say it was entertaining for us watching!

There were four of us there that were pregnant so we were all throwing back the O'Douls! 30 weeks, 25 weeks, 18 weeks and 15 weeks. It actually wasn't that bad tasting. I prefer Busch NA but this was better than I had thought:) Right now I'm in kind of a "slump stage." At 15 weeks, I'm barely showing if at all, have known for 11 weeks that I was pregnant, and just don't feel or see anything physically changing. Time seems to be creeping by as I count down the days until we find out the gender of the baby (30 days!). I just am ready to have a bump and to get things moving along...I'm not one for patience. I'm very excited for my appointment on Wednesday just to hear the heartbeat and to convince me that I am in fact pregnant.

I did stumble upon a great in home daycare on craigslist last week and have a meeting with her this Wednesday after my 16 week apopintment. She's located in Bowman Woods which is right near our home and she is super inexpensive. We are convinced it's too good to be true but I suppose I won't know until I meet with her. She also has 2 children with one on the way and is a Christian woman according to her post. I grew up in an in home day care and had an incredible experience and Nick and I both agreed this is the way we wanted to go. Hopefully the meeting goes well and I can get that checked off the TO DO list early. I won't need her until January 2012 but I figured the sooner the better!

I also coach the hurdlers at Regis/LaSalle middle school and I have the girls City Meet on Monday and the boys City Meet on Tuesday. Wednesday I have my 16 week appointment and am meeting with the Day Care lady. And Thursday my friend Erin is coming to town for Memorial Weekend. Hopefully this week skates on by with everything going on! Very excited for the long weekend ahead. Will post this Wednesday or Thursday after my appointment!

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