Thursday, May 26, 2011

2nd Trimester in FULL swing....16 week checkup!

Yesterday was my 16 week checkup:) I get so excited for my appointments just so I can see the progress and make sure everything is ok...I'm a nervous wreck when I walk in there! Everything is normal and I'm progressing as I should. I was told that it's completely normal not to be showing yet (I was very concerned about this) and that I may not show until 20-24 weeks! I certainly hope it's a little bit before that!! It was a quick appointment. Blood pressure, weight, and I got to hear the heartbeat again. I can't think of anything that sounds better than that. The nurse weighed me with my coat on which had my keys and cell phone in it lol so who knows how accurate it was. I'm going to go ahead and believe what it said though because I like thinking my baby is growing!! I told Nick he didn't need to come to this one because it would be so quick and easy. Next appointment we will be going together to find out the sex of the baby on JUNE 21st! TWENTY SIX more days. Seems like an eternity but we cannot wait. Initially I had thought it was a boy. But I'm beginning to change my mind.

16 week appointment
Heart Rate: 156 (much lower than at 11 1/2 weeks when it was 182!!)
Weight Gain: up 2 lbs
Blood Pressue: Good/Healthy

That's pretty much it. Super quick and easy but again, hearing the heart beat is the best sound in the world! I wanted her to let me listen to it for an hour but all I got was a few minutes which will have to do. Nick and I are so excited to find out if there's a little boy or a little girl in there:) We don't care either way we just want healthy.

                                                      I mentioned that I had changed my mind on what we were having. Nick still thinks it's 100% boy based on his "gut feeling" although he wants a girl and a boy eventually so he doesn't care either way. I had thought boy until recently when I keep dreaming of little girls! I'll just give one example because it's fresh in my memory. Last night I dreamt that I had a 3 year old blonde little girl. In my dream the babysitter was the corner house on our street and I went to pick her up after work. Only thing was I had absolutely no recollection whatsoever of the first 3 years of her life! I don't know if it was memory loss or what but it was terrifying. I didn't remember having a baby or anything! Kind of reminded me of 50 First Dates when every morning Adam Sandler plays Drew Barrymore a video to let her know that she's married with a child!!! Anyway it was very real and I woke up all in a frenzy thinking I was going to have this little girl and then suffer severe memory loss. What's wrong with me? Seriously. So we will head into our ultrasound appointment 50/50 with Nick thinking boy and me thinking Girl. I can picture both and am just as overjoyed with either. We do have a girl name picked out already so that part would be taken care of.

I was supposed to meet with the DayCare woman yesterday but had to move it to next Tuesday on May 31st because I had Prenatal Yoga last night. By the way...the class is insane and get's harder every week! I'm in PAIN today. I'm also going to try and do as many 5K run/walks this summer as I can. I will be walking however because I'm terrified to put too much pressure on my bladder by running for long periods of time and I just want to play it safe. My friend at work told me about this website that tells what upcoming races are in the area so I looked on there and there are a lot of 5K run/walks coming up! This is the website, It's a terribly organized website and gives me a headache but if you just click the calendar month at the top it will tell you where they are and when they are. Check it out! I plan on using this after baby when I'm getting back into running again!

16 weeks pregnant
I don't have any new belly pictures because there's nothing to show yet. The pictures I do have up are the good days where the belly seems to be popped out more...whether this is bloatation or baby is undetermined! I'd like to think it's a little bit baby! As soon as my belly pops, pictures will be posted. I literally wake up every day and feel my belly praying it's grown! Although I'm sure once it does I'll be wishing it would go back down! Today I'm 15 weeks 5 days. Saturday I will be 16 weeks...this flies by. Zoomed in version of baby looks something like the picture below.
He/She measures at around 4-5 inches long and is only 3-5 ounces! BEAST! This week the baby begins to be able to hear our voices:) I will have to watch what I say and be extra picky in my song choices for the car concerts I put on. That pour child...I get VERY caught up in my car concerts.

PS - LOVED the American Idol finale!! I was so happy with both the finalists and didn't care either way who won but was happy for SCotty. They are both going to be just fine in the Country World. Lauren isn't quite as comfortable on stage as Scotty is yet but her voice does a lot of the work for her! I loved that TLC performed!! Very good season for American Idol with a lot of talent. Think we'll be hearing from Pia and James as well! Hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Weekend!!! I am very excited for the extra day off. Will post Tuesday night after the DayCare meeting!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Am I really pregnant?

Nick and I had a great weekend. We continued our nesting with more donations to Goodwill, yardwork and cleaning. It's so nice to see our house coming together! We've lived here a year and been putting it off until we had a reason to get moving! My friend Ashley put on a surprise 30th birthday party for her husband Andy on Saturday. We had a great time...especially Nick! There was some SERIOUS and I mean SERIOUS games of Flippy Cup going on. Nick may be one of the most competitive men on earth and he had several others on his side of the flippy cup table that weren't any different...needless to say it was entertaining for us watching!

There were four of us there that were pregnant so we were all throwing back the O'Douls! 30 weeks, 25 weeks, 18 weeks and 15 weeks. It actually wasn't that bad tasting. I prefer Busch NA but this was better than I had thought:) Right now I'm in kind of a "slump stage." At 15 weeks, I'm barely showing if at all, have known for 11 weeks that I was pregnant, and just don't feel or see anything physically changing. Time seems to be creeping by as I count down the days until we find out the gender of the baby (30 days!). I just am ready to have a bump and to get things moving along...I'm not one for patience. I'm very excited for my appointment on Wednesday just to hear the heartbeat and to convince me that I am in fact pregnant.

I did stumble upon a great in home daycare on craigslist last week and have a meeting with her this Wednesday after my 16 week apopintment. She's located in Bowman Woods which is right near our home and she is super inexpensive. We are convinced it's too good to be true but I suppose I won't know until I meet with her. She also has 2 children with one on the way and is a Christian woman according to her post. I grew up in an in home day care and had an incredible experience and Nick and I both agreed this is the way we wanted to go. Hopefully the meeting goes well and I can get that checked off the TO DO list early. I won't need her until January 2012 but I figured the sooner the better!

I also coach the hurdlers at Regis/LaSalle middle school and I have the girls City Meet on Monday and the boys City Meet on Tuesday. Wednesday I have my 16 week appointment and am meeting with the Day Care lady. And Thursday my friend Erin is coming to town for Memorial Weekend. Hopefully this week skates on by with everything going on! Very excited for the long weekend ahead. Will post this Wednesday or Thursday after my appointment!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm really going to try to post 2 blogs a week, in hopes I have enough crap to talk about, which who am I kidding, I'm sure I can think of something. This thing is like my grown up diary only without KEEP OUT on the front or with a little key to open it. It's also nice to keep track of everything my body is going through and different things I'm feeling or frustrated with. Especially with all the Mom's or soon to be Mom's out there who have great advice or know exactly what I'm talking about. And I absolutely love looking at other people's blogs!

NAPPING - I just need to point out how there is never a moment throughout the day where I don't feel tired...fatigued...exhausted...sleepy. I sit and think of times I can squeeze in power naps or attempt to doze off briefly with my chin in my hands while sitting at my desk. I get 7-8 hours of sleep a night and feel like I get 3. Today, for instance, I took my early day (for Summer Hours) so that I can get into my sweats, watch all my shows on DVR, and sleep until I wake up on my own or it's morning!

Super Cluttered Future Baby Room

NESTING - A few weeks ago, Nick and I decided it was time to de-clutter, organize and start getting our house baby ready. So far I think we've put in about 20 hours of work but it's paying off. We will make our 3rd trip to Goodwill this weekend and I'm pretty sure the garbage men are OVER us. There is nothing better than having a clean and organized house though. We  have done every room so far except what will be the babies room, basement, spare bedroom and finishing the garage. It's quite a project and I have parted with several clothing items that nearly brought me to tears. But I think it's safe to say that the jean mini skirt that I swore was never as short as it looks now, will NEVER be worn by me again. Good times in that jean skirt but you have to know when to walk away! I held that thing up and I'm confident it wouldn't fit a child!! We also have a list of "home projects" with the goal of completing them before the baby officially joins the family. Hardwood floors in the kitchen and entrances and main floor bathroom, new light fixtures, knobs for the cabinets, trim for the basement, chair for living room, new rug for family room and of course completing the babies room to name a few. We also plan on putting NOTHING on any credit card so the turbo savings has begun. 

De-Cluttered Bedroom
 Some of those are big projects and some of them are not. We will probably not have them all done until the month the baby comes if we even get to all of them but it's nice to have a list to work off of. I already completed our room as far as decorating and de-cluttering which was on the list so we could check that one off! Something about sleeping in a clean room is so much better than a messy cluster room. So hopefully we stick to our guns and get this stuff taken care of in the next 6 months.

Photo collage from my cousin hung on our bedroom wall


NAGGING - I may not have suffered from morning sickness other than some days with the icky/dry heaving feeling, but I make up for it in headaches. I don't think one day goes by where I don't have at least one headache. Most of them aren't excruciating, but their nagging as all get out and all I can take is Tylenol which is like eating Smarty's because they do nothing for pain relief! They are usually the worst at night but due to my excessive sleepiness I am able to fall asleep only to wake up with the same headache. I had heard and read that this was the "easy" stage. Aside from the headaches, I really have no complaints. And I truely love being pregnant. I just wish I didn't frown so much!

I'm 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant, have gained 1-2 lbs depending on the day, have CRAZY dreams, and I finally see a bump growing:) All my clothes still fit which I assume they probably will for another month or so. I have my next appointment on May 25th for my 16 week checkup and we find out the sex exactly 5 weeks from today (35 days!). So, currently, I'm living by the 3 N's...Nesting, Napping and Nagging (headaches that is). I'm over a third of the way there already and loving every moment of it...mostly in thanks to the incredible support system we have:)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Little Person Hands are punching me in my uterus!

Before I get into the baby business I thought I would briefly share my thoughts on Idol. For those of you who aren't idol watchers, skip to the next paragraph:) Basically it boils down to this for me, get rid of Haley. That's all. Her growling is over done, and she's entirely too argumentative and cannot take any criticism what so ever. I would LOVE to see how she'd handle a judge like Simon, he would eat her alive and if she talked back his bite would get bigger. Otherwise I think it's anybody's game. I love Scotty, Lauren and James and think all of them will do wonderfully after this competition. They all have incredible voices...period.

Moving on....I'm a little frustrated because I don't have a bump yet and I swear that the "bump potential" was bigger 2 weeks ago than it is now. I haven't gained any weight and I'm so ready to have a bump more so to prove that their's actually someone making a home in there. However, I am confident that something is going on in there because in the last week it has felt like a baby boxer is getting a workout in there.
It's like these tiny hands (much like the BK commercial hands shown above, or atleast that's how I picture them) are going to town on my uterus and it's swelling up. I can definitely feel the "stretching" beginning. What started as the size of my fist (uterus) is now bigger than a grapefruit. Speaking of my fist, that is currently how big our little chalupa is. Hard to believe that when Nick and I discovered this news he/she was nothing but a poppy seed! Let's see what else has changed...I get frequent headaches which is a pain, I sleep so unbelievably good and am usually in a deep sleep, I have the craziest dreams, and that whole "Glow" people speak of...yeah not so much. I am breaking out and and just feel bloated. Good news is, I'm almost through the first trimester and 1/3 of the way there already! Just makes me all the more anxious for my belly to grow. I can already tell I'm going to be one of those pregnant ladies that LOVES being pregnant.

Pregnant Lady Yoga Class #2 last night and let's just say she picked up the intensity WOWZA!  I didn't know my body could move that way and certainly am feeling it today! Stretching really is soooo good for you. Another funny story is about my incredibly adorable nephew, Brayden who will be 5 in July. Every time I see him he runs up and gives me a big hug followed by "Did I hurt your baby?" Only he can't say his R's so it's even cuter. Well the other night we were laying on the floor watching "Tangled" (which I love BTW), and he put his ear up to my stomach and just listened for a while. He then says "I can hear his heartbeat" (he's convinced it's a boy), followed by "My cousins so silly he's just laughing in there." It was the sweetest thing and my Mom and I just laughed at his innocence and imagination. It's also nice to know that he pictures a happy baby.

In other news I would just like to say that there are so many great and wonderful things going on with my friends right now and I am incredibly happy for them. I'm not going to put them all on BLAST but whether they have something new and exciting happening, or just continue to live and lead happy lives because of the people they are, there's just nothing better than seeing the people you love be so happy.

So I'm about to start the 2nd trimester & am always counting down the days until my next appointment (13 days) as well as the appointment when we find out the sex (40 days). The little guy/girl looks something like the photo over there. Everything has been developed it just needs to grow now:) I am supposedly entering the "honeymoon" phase of pregnancy. Bring it on!! I haven't put up any belly pictures because I really don't think anythings happening at the moment. But this weekend, or maybe sooner, when I'm 14 weeks I will put one up there to track my progress. Have a good rest of the week!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sayanora Osama and Working out Pregnant Lady Style

First and foremost I have to address the recent death of Osama. GOOD riddance. President Bush, President Obama, and the team of men who bravely went in there and got the job done all deserve credit. VERY proud to be an American and so glad the friends and families of those who were lost on 9/11 received some closure.

SOOOO...working out while pregnant. Knowing how to modify your workouts and adjust correctly has been somewhat of a learning experience for me so far. Pre-pregnancy running, spin class, lifting and occassionally swimming were all a part of my weekly routine. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I immediately thought of how I would alter my workouts so that the baby would always be safe. I think for everyone this is different. I have heard to keep your heart rate at or below 140 beats per minute, that you shouldn't run because it puts too much pressure on your bladder, that you should never get overheated, stay away from contact sports, amongst others. After talking with my doctor and exploring and experimenting different options, I have come to the conclusion that your body will tell you what is ok and what isn't. I make sure that I'm never gasping for air or super fatigued, and don't lift heavy weights. It's certainly a very much toned down version of my workouts before but my intentions are different as well. I just want to stay as healthy as I can and give myself the opportunity to have the smoothest labor possible. My weekly workout looks something like this:

Monday - 15 minutes Elliptical, 10 minutes stationary bike, lower body weights
Tuesday - 20 minutes Treadmill (walk at 4.2 at 7-9 incline for 4 minutes, run at 6.0 for 2 minutes at 1.5 incline X 3; 2 minute walking cooldown.) Upper body Weights
Wednesday - Maternity Yoga Class (1 hr)
Thursday - OFF
Friday - 30 minutes treadmill (walk 4.2 at 7-9 incline for 5 minutes, run at 6.0 for 2 minutes at 1.5 incline X 4; 2 minute walking cooldown). Upper and lower body weights
Saturday & Sunday - I pick one of these days, and it doesn't matter which, to get a swimming workout in. I do 1,000 to 1,500 yards (200 swim; 200 kick; 100 pull X 3). The other day is OFF.

*On the weights days I usually pick 3 exercises and do 2 sets of 12 reps. On the upper and lower day I pick 2 exercises for the upper body and 2 for the lower body and the same 2 sets of 12 reps. I also work a 40 hr/week job so 1- 2 times a day I get up an walk a mile in the skywalk which helps me get some movement in during the day as well. I tihnk that throughout my pregnancy this workout will change several times and certainly towards the end I will be doing very little other than walking. Like I said, I just do what feels comfortable.


Yesterday I went to my first Prenatal Yoga Class at the Mercy Fitness Center. I have only ever done yoga one other time before and it was years ago for the swim team in high school, obviously NOT pregnant. I went in with an open mind but also knowing it might be a little uncomfortable at times as I'm not used to it. Mozart played quielty in the background, the room was dim, and I was surrounded by about 15 pregnant (some of them VERY pregnanty) women. It was a little overwhelming! My friend Ashley who is into her 3rd trimester and due in August was there and was the one who told me about the class. I loved the deep stretching and I think that the breathing exercises will come in handy come November. They teach you how to use your whole breath. Now, should you have been a peeping Tom watching these incredibly awkward poses and hearing Mozart play, I'm sure you'd get a good chuckle. Oh not to mention,  when we were doing our cooldown/breathing exercises! Laying on our sides, eyes closed, we hear what sounds like a xylophone "ding" several times, much like when the high school announcements were made in the movie Grease. Of course my curiosity was sparked so I'd open one eye and see our instructor walking around us banging on this "dinging" instrument. This was one of my favorite moments:) So far so good, I highly reccommend it! If you want to read up a little more on exactly what it's purpose is here is a link:

This weekend I'll put more belly pictures up...though not much is changing down there yet:( I'm so ready for a belly!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby Announcement DVD :)

This wouldn't upload when I put the first two videos of my parents reactions. This is the DVD we sent to Nicks famiy in Louisiana and also showed to my family. Will be back Thursday with a review of my first Baby Yoga class along with some other thoughts:)