Saturday, April 30, 2011

Smokey Green Means Boy??

For the record, I will not be blogging daily. However the child in me is both giddy with my new blogging "project" plus, there have been several things that I need to bring up to speed so that I'm not playing catch up with future blogs. it goes. I mentioned I had my 12 week appointment so I figured I would recap that for those of you, like myself, that like to see if you are on track with other soon to be Moms or in a league of your own!!

12 Week Appointment Re-Cap
Blood Pressure: Can't remember exactly but I remember it was "good"
Weight Gain: 1 lb
Blood Type: A positive
Babys Heart Rate: 182
Due Date: November 12, 2011

That's really all they gave me. Our 16 week appointment is May 25th followed by our 20 week appointment on June 21st when we find out the babies sex.

Speaking of finding out the sex. Some of you will choose not to find out and some of you won't be able to wait. I happen to be an incredibly impatient and curious person. I think it is so neat for those of you who keep it a surprise and wait until the moment your baby comes into the world to find out what you're having. I will continue to envy you as I obsess over the sex of our baby and count down the days until we get the official news! In the meantime, a co-worker of mine told me about this product called IntelliGender. This is a gender prediction test that can be taken as early as 10 weeks into your pregnancy. I checked it out and figured if nothing else this would be a fun experiment for Nick and I to try just to see if it was accurate or not. For those of you who also have curious minds, here is the website: And this is what it looks like:
 The test requires your first morning urine and they are adament that the steps are followed exactly or it won't be accurate. So I got up this morning and ran down to Walgreens with a VERY full bladder...obviously should have gotten the test before the MORNING I wanted to take it. Grabbed the box for $29.99 and raced this point my eyes were watering I had to go so bad. I followed the instructions exactly...peed in the cup...used the syringe and then put the urine in the other bottle provided that has what looks like thick salt at the bottom. I then mixed the contents by swirling the bottle, as intructed(NOT shaking), set it on a plain white surface, and then waited. The box says to wait 5 minutes and no more as the test can change color after 5 minutes and wouldn't be accurate. Your urine mixed with the contents will either turn a smokey green or yellow/orange color. Green indicates boy and Orange indicates girl. Nick and I waited and walked into the bathroom to get eye level (again as instructed) with the bottle to see what color it revealed:
According to Intelligender, come fall, Nick and I will be welcoming a little baby boy.  The website and videos say the test is 80-90% accurate. However, there are more false boys than false girls. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super excited to think we might have a little boy, who will surely be handsome like his Daddy (I was not the cutest baby...Nick was darling). The girl result looks like this:
It was kind of fun and I'm definitely curious to see if it ends up being right or wrong. If nothing else, it was just fun to do. I'll keep you posted come June 21st as to whether or not IntelliGender held true!

Friday, April 29, 2011

What a difference a year makes!

Let me  give you a VERY quick background: 2006 boy meets girl...2010 boy and girl get engaged, buy a house and get married, and in 2011 we will welcome our first baby boy/girl. I decided to start a blog, mostly so I wouldn't miss a second of what has become my crazy, wonderfully imperfect life. A lot of what I post will be related to my pregnancy and the many trials and errors I'm sure to face. However, be prepared for a lot of randomness, funny moments, my favorite show recaps, and a play by play of a road trip or two. I'll start with our wedding. One of the best days of my life not only because I married an incredible, wonderful, honest man....but also because it was a fist pumping, booty shaking, unforgettably good time. Thanks to my wonderful family and friends, I had my dream wedding and wish we could do it all over again!

Now to our most recent news. We decided after our honeymoon that we wouldn't try but we wouldn't NOT try and let God decide when he would bless us with a baby. We got back from our honeymoon on February 3rd and two days later I would get what would be my last period for 9 months. Four weeks later, I hadn't even missed my period but I just had a feeling.  I got off work,  stopped at the store and got a bottle of red wine and a pregnancy test. I got home, poured myself a glass of wine and headed to the bathroom. Nick had just gotten home and thought I was half crazy (not uncommon in our house:))We talked...well he told me about his day and I mostly stared at the clock waiting for 3 minutes to go by and then I made my way into the bathroom with my heart beating out of my chest. That is, until it stopped beating all together...
Obviously I didn't believe the first one so I took two more in the days following. But after that first one I ran into the kitchen and half way screamed what I still didn't believe to be true. We hugged and cried...I finished my last glass of wine for some time (it's ok I promise:)), and we went out to celebrate but hated having to keep it secret. We waited several more weeks to share the news with our families which was tortue. We wanted to think of a unique way to share the news so I put together a DVD slideshow with pictures of Nick and I with the big news announced at the end. My Mom's birthday was March 30th and my Dad and Step Mom and sister were coming over the following week for American Idol (which I LOVE!). So both times seemed like perfect opportunities to show the DVD. We told both of them that I had just put it together to show pictures of our wedding and honeymoon. We also hid our digital camera so that we could get their reactions. Needless to say it was a very emotional and incredible time...and definitely glad we recorded their reactions...PRICELESS.

So here we are...12 weeks pregnant and confident that we could prepare all we wanted but will never truely be ready for what lies ahead. Heard our little ones heartbeat for the first time last week and nothing ever sounded so good. It was also Nick's first time taking in "the stirrups". Another priceless unforgettable moment in itself HA! The heart beat reached 182 beats per minute...definitely high energy like his/her mama:) Our due date is November 12th...which is also the month of our first Anniversary (November 6th) and Nick's birthday (November 27th). It will be a very busy month! Our baby looks something like that little thing over there to the left...and it has already became a little girl or little boy but we will not know until June 21st.

 So there you have it...the grey area excluded above includes crazy mood swings, headaches, "crazy" days, overplanning and replanning, changing plans, new jobs, angry days, sad days, and blissfully happy days. I wouldn't trade any of it..even the worst of it.