Friday, October 10, 2014


My ability to keep up with my blog has diminished the last few years as I got caught up in keeping up with every day life and just kind of taking a break from what was beginning to cause me more stress. In an effort to not miss writing about anything and everything that happened to Jimmer, I forgot to just enjoy the moment. I know that some things are just memories and are meant to be kept that way. That being said, I like this creative outlet. I like from time to time documenting some things so that I can go back and smile at the things we've done or been through. I am hoping to slowly ease my way into doing that again.

Today's blog is different. Today I want to tell you about someone very special to me who is fighting a great battle. I am choosing to blog about this in an effort to get as many prayer warriors as possible both that know us personally, and those who don't. I believe in the power of prayer. And if I can get just one more person praying for her in this journey, then this will be worth it. 

She goes by Jennifer... Jfer... JJ... Jen. She snorts when she laughs. She can dance with the best of them. She hates being called Jenny. She's my father's wife. My sister's Mother. My Step Mother. My Friend. 

Jen came into my life when I was 12 going on 13. I was about the same age as my youngest sister Olivia is now. Like most teenagers, I was leery of this young and beautiful new person in our lives. I was very protective of my Mother at that age and worried Dad would forget about Ashley and I (something now I know would never happen). Her and my Dad went on to marry when I was 15 or 16 and my snotty teenage attitude for the most part continued. They had my little sister Olivia when I was 17 and shortly after I was off to college. I loved JJ, but I wouldn't say we were super close. Over the next 5 years, her and my Dad and little Liv came to a lot of my basketball games and were always very supportive. Holidays were always my favorite time with all of us. 

Something changed when I graduated. It was probably my age. I'm not sure. But Jen and I started to become friends. And good ones. We didn't always agree on all things but what fun would that be!? My now husband and I, and her and my Dad, and often times little sisters started doing a lot of things together. Concerts, nights out, trips to Florida, bonfires. So many memories over the last 8 years with my sisters and Dad and Jen that I am forever thankful for. 

Summer 2013, Jen was complaining about feeling tired. She told me several times that summer she needed to get some blood work done because something felt out of balance. On August 5th, 2013 my Dad called saying that Jen had a horrific headache and they had come to the emergency room. With a trembling voice my Dad said, "I think Jen has cancer Manda." 

Cancer....Cancer....Cancer....Cancer.....Cancer.....that's all that replayed in my head. And worse, brain cancer. I remember falling to my knees and praying by my bed. Nick was trying to be so strong for me and he was. But it broke his heart too. I found him leaning over the kitchen counter with tears down his face. Him and I have been together nearly 8 years, so Jennifer is just as much his step Mom and friend too.

A few tests and a biopsy later....Doctors told us Jennifer, at 41 years old, had Grade 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme, an aggressive type of brain cancer typically found in men over 50. How could this be happening? Jen was in amazing shape? She ate healthy? She was young? 

I'll tell you this though. I was never angry. I know that makes no sense..because even I thought I would be. I was sad and confused and didn't understand it but I didn't feel anger. I trusted what God's plan was and after the initial shock I was ready to help Jen be the superwoman I knew she could be.

That was 14 months ago. Jen has endured steroids, radiation, chemotherapy, lost her hair, grew it back, and experienced the largest emotional roller coaster one can wrap their head around. Up until recently things seemed to be going really well. A few weeks ago she began to lose the ability to speak, and she was no longer able to walk alone. Yesterday an MRI revealed that the cancer has progressed. She is no longer treating.

But we have not been defeated. 

Dad and Jen leave for Houston on Monday to see the best doctors in the country who specialize in brain cancer. A little getaway for them too for both my Dad's birthday and their wedding anniversary both on October 16th. 

The POWER OF PRAYER is real. Please pray. Pray for strength. Pray for a safe trip to Houston. Pray that the doctors are able to help us. Pray that we trust this journey at every turn and do not become angry. Pray for my Dad and Olivia who have remained so strong for her through all of this. And for her Mother Vicki who hasn't left her side. Pray for her Dad Harve, and brother Scott. They are heroes. Pray. Pray. Pray. 

I want to end by giving a big ol' shout out to Cancer. Not the good kind. But just something to get it's attention. And not just for Jen, but for people everywhere who fight this disease in any form. YOU CANNOT WIN. You may take the ability to speak, or walk. You can make our hair fall out. You can cause sadness and heartache and tears. You may even take the people we love. But you will never win. Our faith will beat you every time. We will still laugh in your midst. We will still make beautiful memories that you cannot take from us. We will continue to fight. 

Go get em this week in Houston JJ. I love you.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

But I thought it would be easy...TTC #2.

I'm back. I miss this creative outlet and although I get my burdens out through prayer, I have always liked writing as a form of expression. I know God hears my words whether spoken or written.

Up to Speed

My last post was some time ago so it would be impossible to fill in all the joyous memories, hardships, victories, setbacks, celebrations, milestones etc. Here it is in a nutshell....

The Bad: My Step Mom was diagnosed with Brain Cancer in August, we lost my husbands great grandma in October, his Grandpa/best friend in November, and suffered a miscarriage in April.

The Good: (WHICH always outshines the bad): We have a beautiful, smart, sports loving, healthy 2 1/2 year old, my Step Mom continues to fight the crap out of that tumor, I turned 30 in style in Vegas,  Nick got a new amazing job, and God continues to bless us and surround was with the most incredible friends you could ask for.

So there you have it. A quick recap on what's happening in our lives. It's funny because when I type it all out, I'm reminded how difficult the last 9 months have been yet I still feel so fulfilled. There have been some very disappointing moments, moments where I'm angry or confused and even lost, but they are so short lived.

Jimmer at my cousins wedding April 26th,2014

Jimmer doing one of his favorite things - April 25, 2014

My Step Mama and I on Easter

My boys getting a jam session in:)

Jimmer shooting hoops

My Step Mom and little sister Olivia a few weeks ago

My little man at my cousins wedding April 26, 2014

Adding to our Family

I did another theatre show this past winter. Nick and I decided we would start trying after I turned 30 and the show was wrapping February. Because Jimmer took us one month and one try, in my na├»ve mind I figured that's exactly how it would happen this time. We would get pregnant in February and have another November baby about a week and a half to two weeks before Jimmers 3rd birthday (of course we would have a C section so would get to choose the date)...I would have maternity leave for November, December and most of January and everything would work out just PERFECTLY. I knew when we would share the news with families, when we would tell the world, when we would be half way through the pregnancy although had decided not to find out the sex this time around, and I knew we needed to get started on potty training Jimmer before another one came along. Even as I type this I'm laughing. People who are close to me know I'm a planner. I more or less plan every hour of my day and almost always over schedule...which is why I am always 15 minutes late to everything. My schedule keeps me sane. And wouldn't you know...we DID become pregnant...for 2 days.

Here's the problem with those dang early tests. They are great. But often times they give you hope for something that you never would have known about otherwise. I'm talking about a Chemical Pregnancy. Two days before my missed period, we were elated to learn we had another one on the way. 2 days letter, that period came...right on schedule. This was difficult but because it happened so soon, I fortunately hadn't formed a strong bond with the life growing inside of me and therefore was able to move ahead quicker. We decided I clearly am able to get pregnant easily and that it would happen soon.

So now we're into March. I'm geared up to try again. And wouldn't you know, my planning went into turbo speed. I had every app you could think of, taking my temps, spending countless hours on the internet about success stories after a Chemical pregnancy etc. I was still trying to control everything and take it all into my own hands. Fast forward to early April as the two week wait is coming to an end. Countless pregnancy tests (no really, a stupid amount) flashed that taunting and aggravating ONE pink line back at me and when Friday, the day of my due period came, I had given up and decided we would need to try again next month. But Friday came and went, Saturday came and went and Sunday came and went with nothing. My body, like my life, is on a schedule too, and I am rarely if EVER late. I figured maybe it had something to do with the chemical pregnancy since the pregnancy tests were coming up negative. But if you haven't gathered this from me already, it was driving me nuts wondering what was going on and needing answers. Patience isn't my best trait. Nick and I talked about it and decided I would call the doctor just to make sure everything was ok and get blood drawn to rule out pregnancy. You want to know how insane I am? On the way to my blood work draw I bought a pregnancy test and took it before going! I was literally going to have a doctor do the same thing only with my blood and couldn't wait knowing I would have to call back later in the afternoon. That test, like so many before it...negative. I walked into that doctors appointment 99% confident I was not pregnant.

2:00 pm....That's the time I was able to call to get my results. 1:59 pm I left my desk at work and walked downstairs to the hallway. What seemed like 20 minutes later, a nice woman came on the phone and said "We are going to need you to come back as we are unsure at this time and want to make sure your number goes up to confirm a pregnancy." UMMM WHAT!?!?! I knew what this meant...this meant my HCG levels were above a 5 but not yet a 25 which is what they consider a pregnancy. So in my mind..YUP I was. I was so excited and confused as all the tests that had come up negative. I knew I must have ovulated late. I asked her what my number was and she said 20 and laughed at how close it was. 20!!! Home pregnancy tests typically don't pick up the HCG hormone until 25 ml so that explained all the negatives. I knew I had to go back...but I also was confident I was pregnant this time. I called Nick and best friend and again went into planning. I knew our due date was December 10th but our scheduled C section would be on December 3rd (which was just perfect because that is Grandma Dolly's birthday), I knew we'd tell our families on Mothers Day and the rest of the world the week of June 8th. I proceeded to take 3-4 more at home pregnancy tests which as early as the night of my appointment started showing 2 lines and progressively getting darker over the next few days. My follow up appointment was the following Monday. I went, got my blood drawn, called back at 1:59 pm and heard the wonderful words "You are definitely pregnant." We were so excited.

2 days later there was blood. I knew something was wrong even though everyone tried to tell me otherwise or not to jump to conclusions. It started out light and got progressively worse. I was having a miscarriage at 5 1/2 weeks pregnant.  I cried, left work, called the doctor, called Nick and asked God why. This was one of my bad moments. I would rather not ever see those 2 pink lines, then see them and have them taken away. I was confused and angry. Over the next few days as it passed one thing kept coming to mind...


I was trying to do his job. I thought I could control when I got pregnant by doing what "they say" you should do and when you should do it. I obsessed during the 2 week wait and put this attempt at pregnancy above almost everything else in my life. I wasn't trusting his plan for us.

I went to a follow up appointment and talked with the doctor who checked everything out and said it was a fluke thing and that I'm fine. The reality of it is...we've tried 3 times to get pregnant, and I've been pregnant 3 times (even if just for a few days). So I know I'm perfectly capable of it. I think I just need to relax, and stop overthinking it, and over testing, and checking all the dates before I even know if there's a heart beat in there!

This is still a work in progress. We tried again right away and although I'm not due for my period until Friday, I know that this month it didn't stick. I didn't over test this time. But I still overthought, spent too much time on the internet, obsessed about temps. I can't just switch it off. I obsess about the age different between Jimmer and the next one (if we get one). But you know what? Who cares. A baby is a blessing no matter when it's given to you.

I also had a moment of extreme guilt. I have been pregnant nearly every time we tried, the chemical I wouldn't have known about if not for early testing, and the miscarriage was before we heard a heart beat or had an appointment. I am lucky. I'm not saying that if you suffer an early loss you aren't allowed to grieve and be devastated. Not that at all. Because I was, and still am. I long to be pregnant again. I love being a Mother. But here's what I know. I have a healthy 2 year old boy who we were blessed with in ONE month of trying.....I am obviously perfectly capable of becoming pregnant as it happens often.....and I have read countless stories of stillbirths, 2nd or 3rd trimester losses, and years of TTC with no luck...and so many of them who have no children yet. There is always someone out there who has it worse than you.

I have learned a few things over the last few months.

1. I am not in control.
2. A schedule is a GUIDE to keeping your life in order. Sometimes schedules change.
3. There are always people suffering worse than I.
4. I am very very very blessed.
5. Trust his plan.

My beautiful family on Mother's Day.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Out of Retirement

I am going to be back in the blog world here soon. I have missed it and it's kind of a creative outlet for me. I also love having a place to reflect on not just the big and small moments, but our day to day as well. Even since I stopped posting, I find myself coming back to the pages to see what we were doing this time last year.

There are some posts I made that I'm like "what was I thinking"... but I suppose that's the case with anything.

Can't wait :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday to My Hubby

My husband Nicholas William turns 30 11/27! Him and I both are like "WHAAAT 30!?!?" I remember that sounding ancient when I was younger. Now suddenly that Deanna Carter song "Strawberry Wine" comes to mind..."I still remember.....when 30 was old."  I am so proud of all he's done and continues to do. He is such an incredible person, husband, and father. Defnitely the leader of our family and he does a wonderful job of it. His 30's are sure to be memorable as I'm sure many different changes and miracles will come our way.

I threw him a Surprise 30th birthday party on December 16th. I had invitations made by the web developer I work with and then I had his friend Winston help me out the day off with getting him to meet him out and eventually bring him to the party location. I also had life size cut out heads of Nick on sticks that we all put over our faces for when he walked in. So many people showed up both that live near us and live far away...we had a great night:)

I think this video of him walking in might go down as one of the biggest surprise FAILS of all time. It's also the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. First of all after waiting for what felt like an hour and half yelling surprise to aobut 15 strangers who walked in followed by "boos", he finally arrives! Then he walks right past us!!! Apparently Nick thought he was ruining someone else's surprise (even though we all had his face over our faces!). He also had to go to the bathroom REAL bad! HAHAHAH! He even points to our friend Amanda (who lives over an hour away and wouldn't just be hanging out in Cedar Rapids) and then just kept walking in the bathroom. I still can't figure out what he thought about that...she's married to NIcks good college buddy and she wouldn't be there for any other reason than to see us haha! you can hear me yell "NICK!"

HAHAHAHAHAH isn't that great! I had to go after him in the bathroom and explain to him (in a VERY annoyed voice/tone) that his surprise party and about 50 people were out there for his SURPRISE 30th birthday party and he just blew us all off. THe next day we laughed so hard we cried about it. Here are few other videos and pictures from the night....


WHAT A STRESSFUL thing throwing a surprise party is but I'm so glad I could do that for him. There was a live band who was incredible and everyone danced all night. I think it was a success other than the initial surprise....FAIL!

So that was his first surprise....the second was our surprise trip to Florida that we just got back from(post to come on that!). I love birthdays if you can't tell.

 Happy 30th Birthday babe! Can't wait to see what the next 30 years bring:)

Friday, November 30, 2012

Children's HopeChest....Season of Giving

I know that this is a difficult time of year with buying Christmas gifts, traveling, etc. I often get so caught up in it all and get so stressed out trying to organize and handle all of it. Sometimes I forget that there are so many people out there who's greatest concern is having food to eat and clothes to wear .....and here I am stressing about whether the Target on my side of town will have the Leap Frog game my nephew wants but certainly doesn't need. I forget to be grateful for the simplest things sometimes.

  I wanted to post something that has recently become dear to my heart and something I feel really makes a difference. Our Church sermon some time back was about Compassion...helping and giving to those in need. In the few weeks after that, my friend Morgan told me about the Children's HopeChest. Morgan and her husband sponsor 2 children.  100% of it goes to them for food, clothing, school etc. My favorite part about it is you can write your child or children once a month and they will write you back up to twice a year. You can send them pictures and a few times a year people from the organization travel there and will take things to them from you. Morgan has the opportunity to go in August so I will be able to send some things to Joyce (more on her later:)).

For $34.00 a month, a child is fed, clothed, sent to school, provided medical treatment and access to facilities they otherwise wouldn't. But moreso they are given love and hope and faith so that they can overcome the abandonment, violence and poverty surrounding them. I know I spend at least $34.00 a week sometimes on silly things I don't need. I know it's not for everyone, and I know there have been times in my life where I just couldn't do it. But if you can, I promsie it's such a wonderful and rewarding feeling. I am posting because there are a handful of children who still need to be sponsored...and because someone told me about this and I figured I should pay it forward. The goal is to have them all sponsored by the end of December. I want to help and I figured if this blog reaches out to just one person it will be worth it.

There is so much more information here at

You can also find information at any of these places:!/ChildrensHopeChest

This is Joyce. I chose her because my middle name is Joy so I was drawn to her name, she's 11 just like my youngest sister, and for whatever reason I just knew she was the one I should sponsor. When I received all of her information it said she was competitive, loved sports, and loved singing and dancing. We were literally meant to be:)

Joyce lives with her mom who is HIV positive and her 4 other siblings. Her father died from AIDS. She is in the 4th grade and lives in Uganda. I have already written her once and cannot wait to do so again next month. I've been told they cherish the letters and photos they get and have them read to them as our children do with books.

The people behind this organization are such amazing and inspiring people. They make me want to give back so much more. They teach the children about God and despite how they are mistreated by many people, they show them love and give them hope for better lives. These two in particular, Dylan and Jennifer DeBruin. They live in the Des Moines area and their family oversees two CarePoints in war torn Uganda that care for almost 400 orphaned and vulnerable children in the area. You can follow their blog at

You can see Joyce in this picture:) Her name is on her forehead.

For those of you unable to commit to a monthly sponsorship but still want to help, my friend Morgan is part of a team that is fundraising to help raise money to give the children of Ogoloi Carepoint in Uganda a sanitary kitchen and bathroom. This will help feed the 120 sponsored children of the Carepoint to get sanitary meals 6 days per week and a clean bathroom. She has a goal of $1,000.00. $5, $10...anything helps. You can donate by going to the following link:

Here is the current kitchen where 5 widows cook food for the 120 kids in Ogoloi 6 days a week.

Current Bathroom

I hope that I was able to reach out to just one person. I cannot believe the effect this has had on me and wish I would have been involved so much sooner. I know some people are unable to do anything despite wanting to, and I can understand that too. Simply praying for these children and families does so much.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My first year as a Mom....

My sweet Jimmer boy turned 1 last week...I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around it. A baby no longer:( I wanted to get down some things I have been feeling and thinking about this whole experienec and what I've learned or what has new meaning.

I've always known I wanted to be a Mother. Long before I was to become one I would think about what their names would be, where we'd live, things we'd do. I was that sterotype..I dreamt of first meeting a wonderful man, marrying him, and having children. My heart would swell with joy thinking about those wonderful days to come. Knowing I wanted to be a Mother, and actually becoming one are so vastly different. I know one day Jimmers little brown eyes will read these posts and learn about what the beginning of what his life was like....I find it so hard to express myself well enough so that he will know what he has done to our lives and how much I love him.

(Warning: I apologize for the sappy post in advance)

LOVE....I am a lover, always have been. I love the feeling of being in love and everything that comes with it...I love my husband. But this is different. It's a different type of love which I'm not sure I can explain correctly. When Jimmers big brown eyes squint at me when he smiles....when he leans in to give me a kiss....when I peek in on him while he's sleeping....when he turns to make sure I see him crawl up those stairs....when I think he's in pain or hurting in any way....his giggle when I tickle his he dances to any type of music or beat....when he sticks his tongue out...and when he tugs on my pant leg to lift him heart literally feels like it could burst. That's the only way I know how to say it. I feel like my heart is swelling up inside my chest and will explode. I know they say your heart makes more room when you have more children, but I cannot fathom that right now.

WORRY....You know that song..."Mama said there'd be days like this...there'd be days like this Mama said." Never has this rung more true. I worry at work, I worry when he sleeps, I worry when he walks, I worry he's too cold or too hot, I worry he took too big of a piece and will choke, I worry he's getting a rash or a cold, I worry he'll fall down the stairs, I worry when he gets off schedule, I worry his nails are too long. But it's not just stuff that happens right now. I also worry kids will be mean to him someday, that he'll struggle in school, that he won't know how incredible he is, that he'll get his heart broken. I guess this is and will forever be my worry.

TIME....I know that he's a year old but I can't remember how he came to be that way since I feel like I had him a few weeks ago. I am finding time goes faster as we get older. Highschool went faster than middle school, college went faster than highschool, the last 5 years out of college went faster than the 5 years I was in them. And now I'm afraid having children is speeding this up even more. This blog will help me remember things and times that came and went much too quickly. Jimmer went from rolling over to crawling to walking at what felt like lightning speed. I wish we could go back to the rolling over and start from there again. I saw this quote on another blog and it couldn't be more true... "The days are slow...but the years go so fast"

FAMILY...Nick and I are both very much devoted to our families. Family is and has always been important to us and we are very fortunate to have the family that we do. Now that we have our own little family that we are responsible for...I sometimes feel a tremendous amount of pressure. Or rather, I put this pressure on myself. I want Jimmer (and future kiddos) to have that same family dynamic that we had. The big family get togethers, the overwhelming love that surrounds us whenever we are all together. I didn't realize just how incredible my upbringing was and the family God blessed me with until recent years. I didn't grow up wealthy in the sense of money....but I was a billionare as far as I'm concerned.

PATIENCE...It's not all roses and sunshine. The piercing sound of a screaming baby, the day I had sh*t on my nose, waking up in the middle of the night, functioning on half the sleep you got before baby, not being able to make them stop crying no matter what you try, pumping 8 times a day, trying and failing at putting their shoes on their uncooperating limp feet, attempting to make them stay seated in the bathtub, walking around with throw up on your shirt, not having as much time for yourself, feeling completely exhausted and overwhelemd. I could go on. I am finding a deep breath and slowing down help. We may appear to be super women but we're not. My previous impatient self would fall over dead if they saw me now.

UNDERSTANDING....The hardest and most exhausting job I have ever had is being  a Mother. I have a whole new understanding and apprecation for my own. Late night feedings, lack of sleep, breastfeeding, changing diapers, teething, getting them dressed, packing up the car with all their "stuff", entertaining them in the car.....this little person is 100% dependent on you. Every need has to be met by you. Until I became a Mother, I never thought about my parents doing those things for me and going through those times. I get it now. High five Mom and Dad...I appreciate it.

FAITH.... I was raised to be and have always been a Christian. I am so thankful that I had family that made Jesus a part of my life at such a young age and taught me to have a personal relationship with him. I want my kids to know this life as well. Big moments in life naturally make you turn to him more. Great moments and tragic moments alike. Although I need to work on remembering all the little moments and in between moments are his as well, blessing me with my family has given me an overwhelming sense of gratitude and thankfulness. Above all else, I want my children to love and have a relationship with God. If they do this, everything else will fall into place. I think the world is slowly losing this...which I don't think it's a coincidence what's going on around us in the world beacuse of it.

MARRAIGE: When Nick and I found out we were pregnant we had been married all of 3 1/2 months. Granted we had been together nearly 4 years. Because of that, we had agreed after our honeymoon we would let be what was to be. Apparently that was immediately in terms of pregnancy. When you have a baby your relationship changes. Not in a bad a deeper way. Our relationship grew so much stronger the moment Nick brought Jimmers sweet face to mine for the first time and squeezed my hand. But as much as we grew closer, this year was also the most challenging. There are really really hard days. Days where you're running on very little sleep, where one thinks they are doing more than the other, days when one just needs a break at the same time the other does too. So often it appears everything is picture perfect in people's lives. I can assure you that with anything...marriage, babies, jobs....there are days where a drink, cuss word, and a yelling match are taking place to get through it. And I've come to realize it's healthy and normal. The beauty of it is the hard days are followed by so so so many good days. Nick and I work at this together. We've learned so much about who we are as parents, and who we are in our marriage. He is such an amazing Dad....I will never be able to tell Jimmer how much that man loves him. When they are chasing after each other in the kitchen belly laughing, when nick sneaks in to YET AGAIN kiss him goodnight, or when I get countless emails telling me how Jimmer laughed different or started doing something are a lucky boy Jimmer Jack.

My last pregnancy free days.....we were pregnant just 3 weeks later.
I love this stage. He loves life and has no idea about any of the ugly that exists in the world. He knows no other pain but when he bumps his head, runs a fever, or scratches himself. Nobody judging him and no expectations. I wish it would always be like that.

November 7, 2011 at 8:48 pm, we welcomed our first son Jimmer Jack Larson into the world....and our lives have never been the same....

Just as my Mother said to me.....I love you Jimmer Jack Larson....and don't you ever forget it.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Jimmers very first Birthday Party

I love Pinterest. There are so many cool things to make and places to find inspiration. That being said...I got a lot of ideas from Pinterest and other blogs for Jimmers first birthday party. I chose to do a red car theme because he loves little cars. If I had to pick the theme today I would change it to have to do with balls...that kid says the word "Ball" about 1,000 times a day and has one in his hands at all times! Our house was full and it was a great time. Jimmer will certainly need NO toys for Christmas. He got trucks and clothes and books and a bouncy Tigger and a ball and bat and little basketball hoops for the tub and and a wagon and all sorts of things. Nick and I got him a bigger basketball hoop, a pair of Nike flight tennis shoes and a wagon full of blocks to pull. It was so fun to see it all come together and to see Jimmers face. I know he won't remember...but we will and we can show him what fun it was through pictures and this blog when he's older:) I still can't believe he's one!

 We did walking tacos, chips and salsa, chips and queso, jello jigglers in red and blue to match the theme, and cupcakes. We also had licorice and coke bottles, mini pepsis, and red and blue juice boxes. My Mom made Jimmers smash cake:) I made all the decorations....Pinterest and other bloggers were a huge help! :)

He loved the cake smashing for the most part...towards the end he had had enough!

I think Nick would be great with a little girl...... :)

Jimmer was obsessed with the dog bed...he kept climbing in and out of are a few pictures and a video of him..we were all cracking up!

Always has a ball in his hands...
He also got a Tigger gift from his cousin Kyle that he he is trying to dance along with him :)

Time is just going much too fast....